Team Xspark win The Trophy of Thug Invitational Season 4

The THUG Invitational, the fourth season of the BGMI tournament, concluded on January 31, with Team Xspark claiming the title. Villager Esports is hosting a tournament with a prize fund of 5 lakh INR.

A total of 24 invited teams competed in the THUG Invitational Season 4, which was divided into three groups of eight teams each. In a four-day period, each team played a total of 16 matches.

BGMI Thug Invitational Season 4 Points Table, Winner, Overall Standing

TeamTotalDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5
1. TeamXSpark2152150823428
2. TSM1964638344038
3. Enigma Gaming1951733404164
4. uDOG India1712967233715
5. Orangutan1703715383050
6. Team SouL161216386342
7. 8Bit139547331836
8. TEAM iNSANE132530254131
9. Chemin Esports1281234331831
10. Team XO1172827232613
11. Rivalry Esports1152429192122
12. Reckoning Esports11448232122
13. Revenant Esports1134410141431
14. Team Roxx10552619154
15. Skylightz Gaming103242414410
16. Nigma Galaxy100925102135
17. R ESPORTS941721182513
18. 7Sea Esports8815835264
19. Team Forever8416823325
20. Blind eSports7610394122
21. Hyderabad Hydras7019136239
22. Global Esports64111518119
23. Velocity Gaming5923127611
24. Tactical eSports38649163

Match Summary

Team Xspark had a slow start on the first day, but by the third day had climbed to the top and maintained their lead with 101 kills and 215 points.

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TSM maintained their strong play and finished in second place with 89 kills and 196 points. Enigma Gaming had a rocky start but finished third with 103 kills and 195 points. Udog India had a fantastic tournament as well, finishing fourth with 171 points. Orangutan Esports came in fifth place.

Team Soul, a fan favourite that is playing with a new lineup, also did well to finish sixth, while Team 8bit came in seventh. Skylightz Gaming, the BGIS champion, finished 15th in the event.

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Due to a rule infringement, Reckoning Esports that were on top after the first day were fined and were not allowed to participate for a day. With 57 kills and 117 points, Team XO finished in 10th position.

Top Fraggers of the tournament

1) Insane Aadi – 34 kills

2) Soul Goblin – 33 kills

3) Chemin Papanahinmanege – 31 kills

4) TX Gill – 30 kills

Thug Invitational Prizepool distribution

Winner – 2,50,000 INR – Team XSpark

1st Runners-Up – 1,00,000 INR – TSM

2nd Runners-Up – 75,000 INR – Enigma Gaming

4th Place – 50,000 INR – UDOG India

MVP – 50,000 INR – Team Insane Aadi

Aside from that, MVP will receive an additional prize in the form of a personal shopping spree with 8bit Thug for sneakers worth up to 1.5 lakhs INR.

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