SouL line up to get disbanded, how important is synergy?

The primary reason for the disbandment of Team SouL is synergy issues among the teammates.

SouL lin up consisted of mavi, scout, viper, regaltos and viper. (Credits S8UL YouTube(
By Aaryanshi Mohan | Oct 19, 2021 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The newly formed SouL line up, which consisted of Regaltos, Mavi, Scout, Viper and Mortal is headed towards disbandment. The upsetting for many news was confirmed by S8UL co-owner– Naman Mortal Mathur. Team SouL line up for BGMI will be disbanded and the officials are looking for new players who will play under team SouL banner, which means fans will witness a new Team SouL before the commencement of BGMI India Series 2021.

One of the most famous PUBG Mobile teams was Team SouL, which was led by fan favourite streamer Mortal, better known by his in-game pseudonym SouL Mortal. This team began its adventure in 2018 with DreamHack Mumbai 2018. It has won multiple important PUBG Mobile tournaments since its inception, including the PMCO Spring Split India, the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019, and various more third-party events. This group has been instrumental in the promotion of eSports and PUBG Mobile in the country. Mortal, the company’s proprietor, has also been nominated for the Esports Awards 2021’s Best Streamer award.

Team SouL was seen competing in various official and third-party competitions after the introduction of Battlegrounds Mobile India, however their performance was not up to scratch.

Mortal confirms the disbandment of SouL line up

Mortal, also known as Naman Mathur, is a well-known face in the Battlegrounds Mobile and PUBG Mobile communities in India. He has made a significant contribution to Team SouL’s success as a fan favourite streamer. He’s been observed playing a variety of games recently, including the recently released Pokemon Unite. Mortal stated that Team SouL will be disbanded during a recent live stream playing Pokemon Unite, confirming the rumours circling the internet. He voiced his disappointment that the team’s recent results at Battlegrounds Mobile India third-party competitions had been underwhelming. He claimed that there is a lack of synergy among Team SouL’s players, and as a result, the officials have been forced to disband this well-known lineup.

“It’s a mutual decision that there will be a new Team SouL, we have tried a lot but there’s a lack of team synergy. Everyone has not been able to perform their best lately. Scout and Mavi will stick together and on the other hand Regaltos and Viper will be on the same roster”

As mentioned above, the primary reason for the disbandment of Team SouL is synergy issues among the teammates. Regaltos had previously said on his live stream that he might have to look for other teams if he is benched by Team SouL.

Becoming a Team Player

Besides that, one major element that plays a crucial role in the making of a good esports player or a great esports team is the fact that there is a huge level of synergy and great team dynamics in the team. Team dynamics and communication, if not at the best possible level, can be potential barriers for esports players in achieving optimal performance. Contrary to the stereotypical perception of gamers, esports players need to communicate with teammates effectively and operate as team members. It does in fact goes on to say that team dynamics takes a huge responsibility in the making of a team.

From the perspective of motivation, there is a clear demarcation in who would do what the team does. There is a clear-cut definition of every players’ role in the team. In the majority of cases, just like in traditional sport, it is the captain in Esports who makes the final call. The captain is responsible for holding the team together and looking at the alternatives when the team is in a tough spot.

However, the impact of participating in esports is not merely limited to players’ online behaviors. It has been found to bleed out into real-life suggesting that any discussion on the qualities and attributes of esports players should incorporate two contexts: virtual environment experience and in-person social outcomes.

Arshpreet Gill, often known as ‘Gill,’ recently announced his departure from OR Esports, prompting considerable speculation that he will join Team SouL. Fans began hashtagging #SouLGill on footage from various BGMI competitions. However, because the Team SouL BGMI lineup will be dismantled, there are rumours that Gill, Scout, and Mavi will join TeamXSpark. It’s also worth noting that these are only speculations at this point; no official confirmation has been given. Officials have yet to make a statement on this, and fans are eager to see which players will remain in the Team SouL BGMI squad.