BGMI sees an increase in hackers, are they creating a ruckus for content creators?

A hacker in any game is a player who has tweaked the game files to make the game a bit easier for themselves.

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Hackers in Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI are a common occurrence. With hacks readily available and BGMI anti-cheat still improving, many casual players and content creators have to face them and lose their ranking points.

A hacker in any game is a player who has tweaked the game files to make the game a bit easier for themselves. Commonly seen cheats in Battlegrounds Mobile India are shooting through walls, auto-aim, and x-ray vision. While it becomes easier for the hackers to spot people and kill them in the blink of an eye, the fun of the game gets ruined for players.

Content creators raise problem

Soul Mortal, one of the most famous BGMI streamers, has talked about the problem. He goes on to say that the increased number of hackers spoil the fun the game has when playing normally. He has also raised the concern on Twitter, which many people have been agreeing with. However, Mortal is not the only one complaining. A lot of players who play for fun have also complained about the same.

Mortal, in his latest tweet talked about how cheaters are ruining the gaming experience. According to him, every two out of five classic Battle Royale matches have hackers who tend to ruin the game.

Mortal addressed the common concern of content creators and articulates how hackers in the game are spoiling the games for everyone and making it difficult for content creators to make content.

The increasing number of cheaters and hackers in BGMI is turning out to be a concern for many. Krafton is well aware of the situation which is why they have delayed the Battleground Mobile India Series 2021 (BGIS) as per popular BGMI influencer Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare. The anti-cheat system for BGMI is a constant work in progress since the game is recently launched.

The developers of the game, Kafton is well aware of the problems faced by the players and they are constantly working on making the anti cheat system stronger to punish the cheaters by banning their accounts. Here are reasons why an account gets banned in BGMI:

  • Using unauthorized program or hardware devices.
  • If mobile gamers modify game data (including GFX tools).
  • Using another player’s account.
  • If players exploit glitches and game bugs.
  • If one gamer abuses his opponent.

Anti-cheat system in BGMi

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has now come up wit a lot of measures to get cheaters and hackers away from their game. Developer Krafton said it has banned over 140,000 accounts in under a week. they hace also talked about what could lead to your account getting banned. The free-to-play battle royale game will send players a notice if it detects any illegal activity and let them conduct repairs to remove any unwanted data before enforcing a ban. In addition to all of this, BGMI says players can get banned if they download the game from unofficial channels or have illegal auxiliary programmes running on the device.

When the developers detect an illeagal activity through ypur phone, they will first send you a warning in the form of a pop up. Players who have downloaded the game through various APKs will get a warning message pop up. If they have illegal or auxiliary programs installed on their device, are using a rooted or a jailbroken device, using another player’s account, or when abnormal data is detected. The warning messages started popping up for players on September 15.

Krafton is also allowing players to rectify their mistake by allowing them to make routine repairs that should fix most issues and change the modified data back to normal. Players can conduct routine repairs by clicking on the arrow icon on the lobby screen after they launch Battlegrounds Mobile India on their Android or iOS device. From there, they can go to Settings Basic Log Out > Repair > check Routine Repair > OK. Once these steps have been followed, players can log in again. If the pop-ups are ignored and these steps are not followed, it could lead to the players’ accounts getting banned.

Players had been waiting for two months for the game to launch. It finally has. Battlegrounds Mobile India tweeted the news to its fans, and the players were elated by the news of the game’s return.

“We have released BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA on IOS today! Happy Playing!,” Aneesh Aravind, Publishing head, Krafton Inc wrote in a LinkedIn post.

After the 50 million download milestone on Android devices, Krafton had promised Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS launch. Needless to say, the wait was long, but the excitement in the minds and hearts of people is endless.

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