BGIS: Ahead of first official competitive series, Krafton takes strict actions against hackers

The in-game qualifiers for the India-only event were supposed to start in August, however, Krafton had delayed the process because it was trying to control the number of hackers.

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By Aaryanshi Mohan | Nov 24, 2021 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The makers of BGMI, Krafton has taken drastic and much-awaited measures against in-game hackers before its first official event– BGIS starts. For the ones unaware, hackers are players who use unfair means to gain an advantage over other players.

Players and Indian gaming community members had been complaining a lot about the increased number of hackers in the game, so much so that many people had stopped playing the game till the time this problem was resolved.

Delayed because of hackers?

The in-game qualifiers for the India-only event were supposed to start in August, however, Krafton had delayed the process because it was trying to control the number of hackers that were present in the game. This would have been a major setback in the Indian gaming community because raw talent would not be able to shine in such a situation where players using unfair means had an opportunity to be a part of this community.

A prominent part of the gaming community– Abhijeet ” Ghatak” Andhare was very vocal about the kind of issues gamers were facing because of hackers. Applauding this step, Ghatak said he appreciates the step taken by Krafton.

” I would like to take a moment and appreciate the entire team of krafton for taking action against the hackers lately. Their efforts in keeping the game clean can truly be seen these days in servers. With BGIS on the verge, we can expect a huge surprise from them.”

The developers of the game, Kafton is well aware of the problems faced by the players and they are constantly working on making the anti cheat system stronger to punish the cheaters by banning their accounts. Here are reasons why an account gets banned in BGMI:

  • Using unauthorized program or hardware devices.
  • If mobile gamers modify game data (including GFX tools).
  • Using another player’s account.
  • If players exploit glitches and game bugs.
  • If one gamer abuses his opponent.

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Content creators raise problem

Soul Mortal, one of the most famous BGMI streamers, has talked about the problem. He goes on to say that the increased number of hackers spoil the fun the game has when playing normally. He has also raised the concern on Twitter, which many people have been agreeing with. However, Mortal is not the only one complaining. A lot of players who play for fun have also complained about the same.

Mortal, in his latest tweet talked about how cheaters are ruining the gaming experience. According to him, every two out of five classic Battle Royale matches have hackers who tend to ruin the game.

Mortal addressed the common concern of content creators and articulates how hackers in the game are spoiling the games for everyone and making it difficult for content creators to make content.

The increasing number of cheaters and hackers in BGMI is turning out to be a concern for many. Krafton is well aware of the situation which is why they have delayed the Battleground Mobile India Series 2021 (BGIS) as per popular BGMI influencer Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare. The anti-cheat system for BGMI is a constant work in progress since the game is recently launched.

How to register for BGIS?

Players have one last chance to register for Battlegrounds Mobile India India Series 2021 before it closes. This is great news for players who are looking forward to the tournament starting soon. Because registrations close on November 28th, matches for the event will likely begin in the first or second week of December 2021.

The registered players will initially play the in-game qualifiers to proceed to the first round of the tournament. From there on, 1024 teams will compete against each other in the epic battle royale title to win the massive prize money.

Of the Rs 1 Crore prize pool the winner will claim the lion’s share of 50 lacs. The second and third position will get Rs 50 lakh and 10 lakh respectively.

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