Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports is getting affected by hackers, what can be done?

Over the years, Krafton has been working hard to provide its games with a good anti cheat system so that they can prevent fowl-play in the game.

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There are two things that have been happening in the Indian Esports scene, especially the Battlegrounds Mobile India ecosystem. The newly launched BGMI, which is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, has been tainted with hackers. With the result, many casual players, content creators and the competitive players are suffering. Not just that, the first competitive season of BGMI in the form of BGIS or Battlegrounds India Series is not starting because of hackers.

Over the years, Krafton has been working hard to provide its games with a good anti cheat system so that they can prevent fowl-play in the game. However, they are having a tough time when it comes to controlling the number of hackers in BGMI. Every week, a new anti-cheat report by Krafton says they have banned x number of accounts when reported. However, people are still getting affected.

Content creators raise concerns to Battlegrounds Mobile India officials

Many big content creators like Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur and Salman ‘Mamba’ Ahmed have voiced out their concern regarding the number of hackers in BGMI. Mortal, in his latest tweet talked about how cheaters are ruining the gaming experience. According to him, every two out of five classic Battle Royale matches have hackers who tend to ruin the game. However, that number has drastically changed. Every match now has a hacker, and at times more than two.

Even content creator Salman ‘Mamba’ Ahmed posted on his instagram stories about the increased number of hackers in the game. He said “I am concerned about the future of the game.” The future… That is the concern for all. Even new and aspiring players are not able to play competitive because of this reason. Mamba further reiterates “This was the game that people hoped and prayed would make a return, and now the game has… hackers, people are voluntarily leaving it, without even giving it a second thought.”

Mamba has also faced hackers, and so has Mortal. To tackle the number of hackers in the game, content creators have started moving away from the game. Not just that, they have actually moved on titles that have less or no hackers at all, or are a different genre only. Mamba on his stream announced a few things. He said “Bohot demotivate ho jaata hu hackers se, but don’t worry, hum log ek naye title pe bohot jald shift honge and I will need your support at that time.” (I get very demotivated when I get killed by hackers, but don’t worry, I will soon shift to a new game, and I will need your support that time).

Straight from a hacker’s mouth

This concern is legit as many players are often disheartened when the are killed by cheaters in the game. So why do people cheat? In life, and in games, the fear of failure drives all of them. When people know they cannot excel like the ones who have. In exams, relationships, and in games, people often have the fear of not being good enough. It is their insecurity that drives them towards cheating in a game and life.

Upon talking to a hacker in the game, SportsLumo found out that reason why people hack in the game is because they want to rank up… easy and quick. “See, baat aesi hai ki mujhe sirf Ace tak rank push karna hai, baaki uske baad main hacks hata dunga.” (See, the thing is that I want to push my rank till Ace and then I will stop using these hacks in the game). The nonchalant way in which this statement was put across is what is baffling. He continued saying “Agar aapko bhi kabhi rank push karna hoga, bta dena. Main aajaunga. Aapko marne nahi dunga.” (If you want to push your rank in BGMI ever, please call me. I’ll come play with you. I will not let you die in the game).

Battlegrounds Mobile India Anti cheat system

The increasing number of cheaters and hackers in BGMI is turning out to be a concern for many. Krafton is well aware of the situation which is why they have delayed the Battleground Mobile India Series 2021 (BGIS) as per popular BGMI influencer Abhijeet “Ghatak” Andhare. The anti-cheat system for BGMI is a constant work in progress since the game is recently launched.

The developers of the game, Kafton is well aware of the problems faced by the players and they are constantly working on making the anti cheat system stronger to punish the cheaters by banning their accounts. Here are reasons why an account gets banned in BGMI:

  • Using unauthorized program or hardware devices.
  • If mobile gamers modify game data (including GFX tools).
  • Using another player’s account.
  • If players exploit glitches and game bugs.
  • If one gamer abuses his opponent.

However, the current hackers are also able to by-pass the anti-cheat system. Players should not that when they report a hacker, they should be able to get a report in their in-game mail, and if they don’t then the hacker is not reported, and he has by-passed the anti-cheat system, as well.

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