Roblox: Roblox promo codes for December 2021

Many of the upgrades and special abilities in Roblox cost Robux, but there are a few promo codes that allow you to get items for free.

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Roblox promo codes give players everything from free clothes to items to outfit their characters with. From the KSI Launch Party to Stranger Things, make sure to redeem these Roblox promo codes in December 2021 if you want to get your hands on some free stuff without spending any Robux. Many of the upgrades and special abilities in Roblux cost Robux, but there are a few promo codes that allow you to get items for free. You might be able to save money if you’re looking for a fashionable new hat, a pair of frost-tipped wings, or a devoted pet in the game.

Furthermore, while you will gradually acquire different skins by playing in Roblox’s promotional levels, some items can only be obtained by entering specific codes. Fortunately, we’ve outlined all of the current Roblox promo codes that you can use in December 2021.

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Most Roblox promo codes and items, like many promotional events, will expire and are only active for a limited time. It’s best to redeem these codes as soon as possible to avoid missing out on any opportunities.

Roblox promo codes for December 2021

Redeemable CodeItem
MERCADOLIBREFEDORA2021 Redeem this for the White Flamingo Fedora. 
AMAZONFRIEND2021Redeem this for a Snow Friend shoulder accessory.
ROBLOXEDU2021This promo code gives you The Dev Deck, a free back accessory.
ROSSMANNCROWN2021Enter the code to receive the Electrifying Guitar Crown.
SMYTHSCAT2021Redeem for this King Tab cat hat!
SPIDERCOLAEnter the code for a cool free Spider Cola shoulder pet.
TARGETMINTHAT2021This promo code gives you a festive Peppermint Hat.
TWEETROBLOXRedeem this code for an awesome ‘The Bird Says’ shoulder pet.

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While some Roblox items can be obtained by simply pressing ‘get’ on the appropriate page, others require you to enter a code. It’s a fairly simple process to claim your favourite items once you’ve chosen them to redeem. Simply follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Roblox official website.
  • Enter any Roblox promotional code into the ‘Enter Your Code’ box on the right side of the screen.
  • When you press enter, it will be redeemed in-game if it is valid.

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