PUBG Mobile: Top 10 PUBG Mobile players in 2020

The peak viewership for two PUBG Mobile esports events, the PMWL East and the PMGC, both surpassed one million.

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The year 2020 has been a memorable one for PUBG Mobile. The game grossed more than USD 2.6 billion, making it one of the most successful mobile games of all time. It’s also the second-most-downloaded game in 2020. The peak viewership for two PUBG Mobile esports events, the PMWL East and the PMGC, both surpassed one million. Let’s take a look back at some of the world’s top PUBG Mobile players in 2020.


He is an assaulter who plays for Futbolist. Futbolist is known for its fast-paced gameplay. They won the PMWL West 2020 and finished seventh in the PMGC League 2020.

Sylass and Rayz

Sylass and Rayz are both Turkish and currently represent Klas Digital Athletics. They are well-known for their tenacity. Klas Digital Athletics finished second in the EMEA League Finals and fifth in the recent PMGC League 2020.


Made Bagus “Luxxy” Prabaswara is an Indonesian sniper who is regarded as one of the best in the world. Bigetron RA, the team that won the PMWL East, is represented by him. With 142 kills, he was the top fragger in the PMWL East.


Bigetron RA’s in-game leader is Made Bagas “Zuxxy” Pramudita. He is Luxxy’s older twin brother, and he recently won the Esports Awards’ “Esports Mobile Player of the Year.” He won the MVP award at the PMCO Fall 2019 tournament, and he is well-known for his exceptional in-game rotation skills.


Paraboy is a Chinese assaulter who plays for Nova XQF and is one of the most well-known PUBG Mobile players in the world. He was named MVP of the recently concluded PEC 2020. This year, his team Nova XQF won both the PEL Season 2 and the PEC 2020.


Nursultan “Gonzo” Nartbayev, from Kazakhstan, is the captain of Konina Power, which finished fourth in the recent PMGC. He also won the PMGC Headshot Master award, with the highest headshot rate of any player in the tournament at 25%.


Wachirawit “Earnny” Ramangkool is an RRQ Athena PUBG Mobile assaulter. He was one of PMGC 2020’s top fraggers. His team, RRQ Athena, finished third in both the PMWL East and the PMGC League Stages.


33Svan is a Chinese PUBG Mobile pro who plays as an assaulter from Four Angry Men. During the PMGC’s league stage, he was named MVP. Four Angry Men 33Svan was also crowned Damage Master and Last Man Standing at the PMGC.


Muhammad “Ryzen” Albi, the third Bigetron RA player in the top ten list, is an assaulter for the team. At the PMGC 2020, he received the title of Grenade Master. He was also named one of the top fraggers in both PMWL East and PMGC 2020.


Suk, a member of the PUBG Mobile team With 149 frags, Four Angry Men topped the kills chart at the PMGC 2020. He was also given the title of League Terminator. Four Angry Men had a fantastic 2020, winning two titles (PMGC League stages and PEL S3) and finishing in the top two three times. He was also the PEL Season 3 Grand Finals MVP.

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