PUBG Mobile Lite: How can gamers get Battle Coins? Here is how you can pay and acquire from MidasBuy

PUBG Mobile Lite gamers depend a lot on MidasBuy Battle Coins so that they can get a winners pass or several new features that will help them in the gaming experience.

Gamers can acquire Battle Coins for PUBG Mobile Lite through MidasBuy. (Image credit: Twitter)

In gaming, coins, diamonds, and tokens are some of the most essential developments in user experience. The more number of coins, tokens, or diamonds in any game ensures that items and enhancements can be brought. A decent number of coins, tokens, and diamonds ensures that the gaming experience is not stalled and that gamers can continue playing games without any problems. PUBG Mobile Lite is no different. For many of the enhancements, PUBG Mobile Lite requires the factor of Battle Coins (BC).

Now, how does one acquire Battle Coins? The process is simple. But, point to be noted for Gamers. You will have to shell out real money in order to acquire the Battle Coins for PUBG Mobile Lite. Here is where one can acquire Battle Coins from MidasBuy. People who are interested in buying PUBG Free UC can also click on this link.

MidasBuy and the Battle Coins in PUBG Mobile Lite

MidasBuy is a website from where gamers can acquire Battle Coins in order to use them in PUBG Mobile Lite. This is the link of the website (

Now, this is where the process becomes slightly tedious. After going into the MidasBuy website, you will have to select the country from the list. MidasBuy does not just cater to PUBG Mobile Lite but it also caters to several other games. Once the country is selected, there is a combination of Battle Coins that the gamer can choose.

The official Twitter handle of MidasBuy (@midasbuyglobal) often puts out certain discount options for PUBG Mobile. In a Tweet in September, MidasBuy released some packages for gamers. These included Elite Pass Plus Pack which cost USD 14.99 + an extra 120 UC. There is also a Royale Pass Pack that costs USD 5.99 + an extra 50 UC. There are also several other discount coupons.

With this, one can buy skins on PUBG Mobile Lite as well as a Winner’s pass that is a game-changer.

Mode of payment

With MidasBuy, the acquisition of all these Battle Coins will involve payment of money either through Credit Card, PayPal, or other online payment devices. Once a gamer goes into the MidasBuy website, they need to choose the combination of Battle Coins, UC, and Pass to enhance their gaming experience.

Before the payment, the gamers will have to enter their PUBG Mobile Lite player ID and the mode of payment. They will have to click the Pay Now option to make the necessary payments. One must be aware that if one has to purchase Battle Coins, the starting range is anywhere between USD 5 and 20. This might be a blow to some gamers who might not be able to afford these Battle Coins.

Can MidasBuy be accessed in India?

Indian mobile gamers will not be able to top up Battle Coins from the Midasbuy website. PUBG Mobile Lite is banned in the country following the Galwan valley tensions between India and China in mid-2020. If one opens the MidasBuy website, the Indian gamers will get this message stating, “Recharge service is currently not available in this region. Please switch to other regions.”

It was after the fallout at Galwan that the Government of India banned PUBG and several Chinese companies under the IT Act. However, India’s gamers can still use MidasBuy for other games like Chess Rush. But, until PUBG Mobile is banned in the country, these services might not help the Indian gamer.

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