PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 global update: APK Download Link, what is the size and requirement on Android phones?

PUBG Mobile Lite released a new global update and the dimensions and size suggests that the Lite version is growing in popularity with every passing week.

PUBG Mobile Lite has released a new global 0.22.0 version which will enhance gaming experience. (Image credit: Twitter)

PUBG Mobile Lite released a new 0.22.0 global update recently. The Lite version of PUBG Mobile has been very popular for gamers. PUBG Mobile Lite has fewer hardware requirements. This is true when it comes to the game size. It occupies only 600 MB of storage space and can run well with a 1 GB RAM processor. The Lite version gives users the experience that the more sophisticated PUBG Mobile cannot as the hardware requirements are higher in that.

Now, in order to download version 0.22.0, there are a few basic steps. One must remember that the game is still banned in India. However, there are several ways by which one can bypass the ban and download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0.

Here are the steps and links by which the user can download the Lite version 0.22.0 on their Android phones. There has been no update yet on IoS systems and thus, people with an Android phone can download version 0.22.0

Links to Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 version

APK Download Link for PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 version:

APK Download file from official website:

How to Download PUBG Mobile Lite 0.22.0 update version? Direct and other ways

Step No.1: The APK download file can be accessed either through the above links mentioned. In case you are not able to download it, use a VPN and select a different country of origin in order to access the file.

Step No 2: Once you are able to access the website, you can click on the Download button on the website

Step No 3: Once the download is complete, this is a very important step. If the user has to play the game, then they must enable the ‘Install from unknown source’ option on their mobile phones. If one does not enable this, the file will not be able to open on your respective systems.

Step No 4: One might encounter a parsing error during the course of the installation. In the case of this error appearing, the file can be reinstalled. In case the issue persists even after reinstallation, then the user will have to download the entire APK file and begin the entire process.

What are the requirements needed for Lite version on your phone?

There are some basic requirements on your phone which will allow the game to function properly. Here are some of the hardware and software requirements

  • The user must have an Operating System of Android 4.1 or higher in the phone.
  • The size of the RAM on the Android phone must be 1 GB or more so that it operates smoothly.
  • One must remember that this is available only for Android users and that IoS users will not have the update.
  • The size of the APK download file and subsequent files is 720 MB. Thus, one needs to have good storage on the phone.

Future of the game in India?

This game is considered one of the most popular ones currently in the world. It is for those gamers who possess mid-range phones. The essence of PUBG Mobile has been maintained in the lighter version. The Lite version has a smaller map designed for 60 players enabling a faster-paced game. However, there is a lack of clarity over when it will be available again for gamers in India.

In the aftermath of the Galwan crisis in India during the middle of 2020, the Government of India banned many Chinese companies, including PUBG Mobile under the Information Technology Act of India.

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