PMGC 2021 West Day 1: Overall standings and summary

PMGC 2021 West Day 1: Overall standings and summary. (Credits: PUBG Mobile Esport)

The PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021 (PMGC 2021) has begun.

League Stage, League Finals, and Grand Finals are the three parts of the PMGC 2021. Yesterday was the first day of the PMGC 2021 League Stage West Week 1 Day 1 matches. Today, the top three S2G Esports teams, Black Dragons and Eastern Stars, demonstrated their competitiveness. Let’s take a look at the overall standings and overview for PMGC 2021 League Stage West Week 1 Day 1.

This tournament has a prize pool of nearly $6 million dollars. During the week, the WEST region’s 20 teams will battle for a position in the weekend finals. During the week, there will be league matches. The best 16 teams from the previous week compete in the weekly finals (Super Weekend).

Match 1

Black Dragons Esports started the day with a 15-kill triumph, while Alpha7 Esports came in second with 7 kills on the Erangel map.

Match 2

Eastern Stars, a European team, won the second match of the first day. They finished the match with a total of 26 points and 11 kills.

Match 3

In the third match, Furious Gaming made it to chicken dinner. In the match, the team has a total of 13 kills. Rise Esports, who finished in second place, had a great performance throughout the match, securing a total of 14 kills.

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Match 4

In the fourth match of Day 1, S2G Esports served up a chicken meal. The team has defeated Black Dragons esports and won the match.

Match 5

PAPARA Supermassive Blaze took the final match of the day. With 13 kills, the team grabbed the chicken.

Overall Standings after PMGC 2021 WesternRegion Day 1

The second day of League stage WEST Week 1 will be live-streamed exclusively on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel starting at 11:30 p.m. Indian Standard Time. There will be some huge point table changes over the action-packed day, so stay tuned for more.

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