One Piece Chapter 1114 Raw Scans and Spoilers are Out Now

In the next chapter of 'Ogre Child Yamato's Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage,' Kinemon gives Yamato Yasuie's sword and tells him to take it to the Enma Shrine.

Credits- Toei Animation
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The next Chapter 1114 is coming out on Sunday, May 12, 2024, at 7:30 a.m. IST. In this chapter, Kinemon gives Yamato an important job with Yasuie’s sword and Vegapunk’s scary message about the rising seas makes everyone worried. Doflamingo and Magellan talk about what might happen because of it, and Nami’s group fights Saturn to keep important communication stuff safe. Vegapunk also talks about some old secrets, making people wonder what’s going to happen next. Check eye out for more updates of this chapter, Scroll down for spoilers if you want to know more. One Piece Chapter 1114 Raw Scans and Spoilers are Out Now

One Piece Chapter 1114 Release Date

The One Piece Chapter 1114 is scheduled for Sunday, May 12, 2024, at about 7:30 a.m. IST. So, Don’t miss the date of your amazing One Piece Manga.

Viz Media is the official platform for One Piece manga which gives fans a chance to read Chapter 1114 and all previous chapters with authentic translations. While the first and last three chapters are free, a small fee grants access to the rest. This ensures readers can enjoy the series as intended by the creator, with high-quality translations provided by Viz Media.

One Piece Chapter 1114 Raw Scan & Spoilers

Credits- Viz Media

In the next chapter of ‘Ogre Child Yamato’s Golden Harvest Surrogate Pilgrimage,’ Kinemon gives Yamato Yasuie’s sword and tells him to take it to the Enma Shrine. Everyone’s talking about Vegapunk’s message about the sea getting higher. Marines are scared in Marineford, pirates laugh in Jaya and people in Water Seven are worried.

Credits- Viz Media

Doflamingo talks with Magellan about what might happen because of Vegapunk’s message. He says maybe everyone should move to higher places. Vegapunk’s guess about the sea rising turns out to be right, making lots of people not believe it. The Five Elders want to stop him from talking more.

As things get crazy, Nami’s group fights against Saturn who wants to break all the communication stuff in the Mother Flame room. They find a huge tank of water with a flame inside labeled S-108 and A&Mu,  Vegapunk admits he did wrong by studying stuff he wasn’t supposed to.

While all this is happening, a really old giant robot keeps going despite the Marines shooting at it. Also, Luffy, Dorry and Brogy are fighting against Warcury. Vegapunk talks about the mysterious Void Century which confuses Imu and Saint Shalria.

At the end, Luffy uses Gear 5 to hit Warcury, echoing what Vegapunk said. Everyone’s getting ready for big changes because of Vegapunk’s secrets leading to a huge fight between nature and people.

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