Top 7 best Naruto FanFic Novels to read right now

In this article, check out the Top 7 best Naruto FanFic Novels you can read right now as a Naruto fan.

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By Mahaksh Chauhan | May 11, 2024 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Everyone loves Naruto and the fandom always gets excited when they get some new news about this or even Boruto. There are also some of the fan-written novels that are widely popular on Webnovel. In this article, we present you the top 7 best Naruto fanfic novels that you can read right now. Although, do remember that not a single story is canon.

The Plot of Naruto

The Nine-Tailed Demon Fox assaulted the ninja hamlet of Konohagakure twelve years before the series started. The Fourth Hokage of Konoha, who gave his life to encase the Nine-Tails in a newborn boy named Naruto Uzumaki, was the only one who could save the village from certain doom. Because of the Nine-Tails imprisoned within him, Naruto became an outcast and an orphan after the attack. The majority of the villagers avoided him as a child.

Source: Narutopedia

1. Rokudaime

For fans of realistic and severe interpretations of the Naruto universe, this fanfiction is a must-read. What Naruto is prepared to give up—his body, his sanity, his family, and even peace—in order to win is a central theme throughout the novel.

Adding jinchuuriki Roshi and Fu deepens the plot much further. The shocking climax is befitting of Naruto’s persona. It is written by Eilyfe and can be read on Fanfiction.

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2. Naruto: Pillars Of Chaos 

The premise of this fanfiction is that the assault on Konoha by Kyuubi was not an accident, and that demons are roaming the earth six years after the event. Naruto, a youthful and cunning protagonist, attempts to prove himself and find out who was behind the attack in this novel.

Those who adore the concept of parallel universes will adore this fanfiction. The novel delves into the concept of what might transpire if Naruto’s world underwent a dramatic transformation. It is written by RustyReed and can be read on Fanfiction.

3. Ghost is one of the Top 7 best Naruto FanFic Novels

If you enjoy stories about assassins and stealth, you really must read this fanfiction. A heartless Naruto taught Root and dispatched on missions by Hiruzen, is the protagonist of the novel. Nonetheless, Hiruzen starts to worry about Naruto’s mental health and attempts to facilitate his interactions with other characters as the plot develops.

Because he is so similar to Sai, Naruto, the protagonist, is quite OC, which some may find unpleasant. As a whole, this fanfiction is great if you like stories about assassins and stealth. It is written by Onmysignalunleashwords and can be read on Fanfiction.

Top 7 best Naruto FanFic Novels

4. Life in Konoha’s Anbu

This story delves into the concept of Naruto becoming a member of the ANBU at a tender age and eventually taking charge of Team Sigma, which serves as the personal guard for the Hokage. As Naruto rallies his squad to defend his hometown and the Land of Fire from enemies, the plot thickens.

If you enjoy action stories with intricate world-building, you might enjoy this fanfiction. In the story, Naruto’s early enlistment in ANBU and subsequent leadership of the Hokage’s personal guard are themes that are explored. It is written by Shezza and can be read on Fanfiction.

5. Shinobi: Team 7

Anyone who like the thought of a large AU where the history of Konoha takes a drastically different path will adore this fanfiction. Team 7’s companionship and group dynamic are very delightful, and the novel delves into the idea of them going about their usual shinobi business.

Contrary to official Konoha canon, this fanfiction takes place in an alternate timeline. As they face the usual obstacles as shinobi, the show follows best friends Team 7. Team 7’s camaraderie is savored, but the plot moves at a snail’s pace. It is written by Gallyrat and can be read on Fanfiction.

6. The Girl From Whirpool

Anyone seeking a fresh perspective on the official plot should read this fanfiction. In the story, there is love. How the events of the original story might have unfolded differently if Kushina Uzumaki had been born in the Whirpool country rather than the Land of Fire is a central theme of the novel.

The narrative flows smoothly, and the characters grow into their roles. Its interesting plot will keep you wondering right up until the very end. I left it unfinished, so that’s the only negative thing. It is written by SilverShine and can be read on FanFiction.

Top 7 best Naruto FanFic Novels
Kakashi/ Credit: Shueisha

7. A Village Hidden in Hope

In this fanfiction that combines elements from both Naruto and Star Wars, the protagonist Naruto is taken to a parallel universe. The plot centers on Naruto’s encounters with the Jedi monks and his exploration of this unfamiliar world. A lot of people think the author did a great job at bringing Naruto and Anakin Skywalker together and making them fit in with the Star Wars universe.

Anyone who enjoys crossovers will adore this fanfiction. This narrative delves into the topic of what may happen if Naruto were a Jedi, fusing the Naruto universe with the Star Wars universe. It is written by Marz1 and can be read on Fanfiction.

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