Top 5 Best Anime like Kaiju No. 8

In this article, check out the Top 5 Best Anime like Kaiju No. 8, their review, plot, and more information about them.

Kaiju No. 8 (Credits: Production I.G.)
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Kaiju No. 8 has been the talk of the anime world right now. With the ongoing season, fans are loving every episode. Now they want to know more about similar types of stories and anime. In this list, we will cover the top 5 best anime like Kaiju No. 8 which you can watch right now.

The Plot of Kaiju No. 8

Tales of Kafka Hibino, a kaiju corpse cleaner with aspirations of joining the Japan Defense Force, unfold in a world under siege by gigantic Kaijus. Unfortunately, destiny has other plans and turns him into a Kaiju.

5. Parasyte

Parasyte anime has the same setting as Kaiju No. 8 where the main character absorbs the parasite to gain the monsterous powers. But this anime is dark and more Seinen-type compared to others.

The Izumis reside in a peaceful area of Tokyo with their 17-year-old son, Shinichi. Invading Earth one night, parasitic extraterrestrials in the shape of worms infect humans by making their way into their brains through their nasal passages or ears. While Shinichi is asleep, a parasite tries to go into his ear. However, the adolescent is wearing headphones, so the parasite ends up entering his body through his arm! After a while, the parasite Migi takes control of Shinichi’s right hand.

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4. Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man Chapter 156/ Credits- Fujimoto/ MAPPA

Yes, we can’t forget Denji and Pochita. The Chainsaw Man anime too has the same setting where people gain powers from the Devil instead of Monsters. Denji, a teenager, becomes able to change his body into chainsaws after fusing with the Chainsaw Devil Pochita. This ability is based on the dark and gory namesake manga, which the Shonen anime adapts.

Denji had a massive debt that he couldn’t repay after his father passed away. However, with the assistance of Pochita, a Devil hound he rescued, Denji manages to make ends meet as a Devil Hunter for the Yakuza. Pochita gives his life to save his former master Denji after the mob betrays him and a devil kills him. Denji is now a strange Devil-Human hybrid, a reincarnation of sorts. Now he’s known as Chainsaw Man!

Source: Wiki Fandom

3. Tokyo Ghoul

Sui Ishida Tokyo Ghoul is next on the list. Like Kafka, Kaneki becomes a human hybrid Ghoul. Here instead of monsters, we have Ghouls and their unique powers that make this anime Top 5 Best Anime like Kaiju No. 8.

The protagonist, Ken Kaneki, is a college student who narrowly escapes death after an encounter with his girlfriend, Rize Kamishiro, who turns out to be a ghoul. His condition is acute, so they rush him to the hospital. Now that he’s back to normal, Kaneki learns that he was half-ghoul after surgery.

He was able to achieve this by absorbing some of Rize’s organs; however, he now shares the need of other ghouls in that he must feed on human flesh in order to stay alive. To help him adjust to his new identity as a half-ghoul, the ghouls who own the coffee shop “Anteiku” adopt him. Fitting in with the ghoul culture and concealing his identity from his human friends, particularly his best friend Hideyoshi Nagachika, are two of his everyday problems.

Source: Wiki Fandom

2. Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress

Top 5 Best Anime like Kaiju No. 8
Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress/ Credit: Wit Studios, Netflix, Amazon Prime

The theme of Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress is very similar to Kaiju No. 8, therefore watching this anime will make you feel like you’ve been there before. A fortress serves as a refuge for humanity in this place, just like Eldomir does for its inhabitants. In this world, they become terrifying beasts called Kabane. How the anime begins is another area where the two shows are comparable. Curiously, WIT studio is responsible for both Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress and the initial three seasons of AOT.

As he tests an anti-Kabane weapon, a young kid named Ikoma undergoes a metamorphosis into a Kabaneri, a combination of human and Kabane. This transformation serves as the central plot point of the anime. Along the way to battle the Kabane monsters, he receives help from fellow Kabanerian warriors.

1. Attack On Titan

One of the best anime ever made which has a little similar setting to Kaiju No. 8. If you haven’t watched Attack On Titan, you can’t call yourself an anime fan. Concerning the metamorphosis into formidable beings, Eren Yeager and Kafka share many similarities. Eren has secretly possessed the ability to transform into a Titan for quite some time. But it isn’t until another Titan nearly engulfs Eren that he learns of his abilities. When a bug-like monster invades Kafka’s body, he transforms into a Kaiju. At the outset, both Eren and Kafka assist their fellow soldiers in rescuing civilians from gigantic monsters by making use of their abilities. That’s it for the list of Top 5 Best Anime like Kaiju No. 8. You can follow us for more anime updates and facts.

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