How to Revive Teammates Instantly in Fortnite with Glitch?

There are four new powerful items inspired by the popular show in Fortnite's Avatar event.

Credits- r/FortNiteBR
By Naman Alok | Apr 22, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

In Fortnite, players found a new trick to quickly revive their friends. They use the Airbending power near a special van. But the game might patch this trick soon. Fortnite’s Avatar event introduces new stuff from a popular show. This includes special powers like Airbending and others. However, new things sometimes come with issues like glitches. Players find these glitches and use them to their advantage. This can change how the game is played and make it more enjoyable. But the game developers often fix these problems. Let’s find out more about this cool trick and what it means for Fortnite players.

Fortnite’s Avatar Event

There are four new powerful items inspired by the popular show in Fortnite’s Avatar event. They are called Airbending, Firebending, Waterbending and Earthbending. Whenever Fortnite introduces new stuff like this players quickly find some issues, especially with Airbending. One glitch lets players move quietly while using Airbending and another one lets them see more of the game world than usual.

In Fortnite, there have always been problems with glitches and bugs even in different seasons. Sometimes these issues can make the game harder for players but other times they can be used to get an advantage in Battle Royale matches.

Chapter 5 Season 2 is the same. Even though it’s only halfway through, there are already lots of bugs causing trouble. One big problem is with XP and quests. Some players are frustrated because these glitches are stopping them from moving forward in the game.

Since the 29.20 update, Fortnite players have been trying out the new bending mythics from the Avatar event. These mythics like Earthbending have changed the way people play the game. At first, Earthbending seemed really strong but Epic Games fixed it quickly. There were problems with its attacks going through walls and breaking barriers, so they had to patch it.

During Fortnite gameplay, a player named AzxoYT discovered a powerful bug related to Airbending. This bug lets players bring back their knocked-out teammates very quickly which changes how teams play the game.

How to use the Teammate Revival Technique?

To do this move well, players need to:

  • Equip the Airbending Mythic
  • Head to a Reboot Van
  • Activate the Air Wheel Movement Ability
  • Spam the Interact Button to Prompt Instant Reboot

The Fortnite Avatar event will keep going until May 3 and that means they will take out the Airbending power and other elemental powers eventually. Right now, there’s a glitch with Airbending that hasn’t been fixed. We are not sure when they will fix it because sometimes Epic Games fixes problems quickly in just a few days but other times it takes them longer, even weeks.

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