How to get Free Tokens in Monopoly GO?

In Monopoly GO, people play for different reasons. Some want to win tournaments or collect cool stuff.

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By Naman Alok | Apr 18, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Do you want to win big in Monopoly GO? Here’s how to get free Tokens and awesome rewards. Tokens are clean pieces you can collect for bonuses. This article gives easy tips for finding Tokens like joining tournaments and finishing sticker albums. Also, learn where to keep your Tokens safe. You will have lots of Tokens and enjoy all the cool stuff in Monopoly GO with these simple tricks.

How to Obtain Monopoly GO Tokens?

In Monopoly GO, people play for different reasons. Some want to win tournaments or collect cool stuff. I like collecting Tokens and Shields, while my spouse loves moving through boards, and they have hit over 200 boards by April. But no matter what you are into, everyone needs Dice to play. That’s why it’s smart to grab the free Dice links they give out every day and save them for when you really need them.

Best Tips for Acquiring Monopoly GO Tokens

  1. Participate in Daily Events: Check daily events such as Tournaments and Solo challenges, where Tokens are awarded approx once a month on average.
  1. Sticker Albums: Every Sticker album, such as the Making Music album, guarantees at least one Token upon completion.
  1. Main Events: Big events like the Anniversary Treasure Hunt or Partner events always give out Tokens as prizes.
  1. Special Occasions: Sometimes, Scopely gives out free Tokens as login bonuses or as part of daily rewards.

Maximizie Rewards from Monopoly GO Tokens

When you fill up rows with Tokens, you get cool stuff like Stickers, Dice, cash, mystery boxes and chests. The more Tokens you collect, the better the rewards get. Shields and emotes work the same way, but they give out rewards at lower levels than Tokens and Shields.

  1. Daily Logins

If you play Monopoly GO every day, you get lots of rewards. And if you play for seven days in a row, you are more likely to get a Token.

  1. Play Tournaments

Joining tournaments in Monopoly GO is a great way to get Tokens. They often have special events where players can win cool prizes. If you do well and get in the Top 1 or Top 3 you will earn Tokens as rewards.

  1. Complete Sticker Albums

A good way to get Tokens is to finish sticker albums on time. Each album has different stickers, and when you finish one, you can get rewards like cash, Tokens and Dice Rolls.

  1. Enhance Net Worth

In Monopoly GO, you can grow your wealth by collecting buildings, cities, and boards. When you upgrade these things bit by bit, your overall worth goes up. And as you get richer, you can unlock special rewards, like Tokens.

How to Manage Monopoly GO Tokens

In Monopoly GO, all the Tokens you collect are kept in the ‘My Showroom’ section. You can find it by tapping the three lines next to the Shields at the top of the screen. In My Showroom, you will see your Tokens, Shields, and emotes. To see your Tokens, just tap the first circle at the bottom of the screen in ‘My Showroom.’

If you use these tips and take advantage of chances, you can collect Tokens faster in Monopoly GO. This will make your game more fun and help you get cool rewards.

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