How to Get and Summon Broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

You need to get your broom in Hogwarts Legacy before you can fly. there are two main ways to get broom

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If you are summoning a broom in Hogwarts Legacy is a super cool thing and you can buy brooms or find them while playing. This article will help you how to Summon it easily and show you to do it on different game systems like PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This guide also tells you how to get brooms in the game, explain step by step how to summon your broom. Despite summoning the broom, we will also share some tips to help you fly better.

How to Get Broom in Hogwarts Legacy?

You need to get your broom in Hogwarts Legacy before you can fly. there are two main ways to get broom:

1. Purchasing from Vendors

You can buy brooms from specific stores to unlock them for use, before you can buy brooms from certain shops, you might need to finish some tasks they ask you to do first.

Some important sellers and the tasks you need to finish to buy from them are: Arn (do Carted Away and Flight Test), and Leopold Babcocke, Priya Treadwell, Rohan Prakash (do Flight Test).

2. Popping Balloons

You can also get brooms by popping balloons while you are flying on your broom, this way makes it fun to get brooms while you are playing the game.

How to Summon broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Once you know how to call your broom then it is really easy to do again. Here are the simple steps to do it on different gaming systems:

1. On PC: Hold Tab and press 3 to summon your broom.

2. On PlayStation: Press and hold L1 and then press Circle to summon your broom.

3. On Xbox: Press and hold LB alongwith pressing B to summon your broom easily.

Broom Flying Tips and Tricks

Now that you are flying it is important to learn how broom flying works. Here are some great tips to make your flying even better:

  • Control: Keep practice moving your broom around so you can easily go through Hogwarts Castle and nearby areas.
  • Speed: You can Try flying at different speeds to handle different challenges easily.
  • Sharp Turns: You can do better in flying and taking sharp turns by practising. This is important for going through obstacles and small spaces.

If you are summoning and riding a broom in Hogwarts Legacy is not just something you do in the game, it is a big part of feeling like a wizard. Now you know that how you can easily summon your broom and go on adventures in the Hogwarts Legacy.

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