Clash Of Clans attack strategy: Th10 GoWibo attack strategy

Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game where players make attacking strategies.

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Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer strategy game where players make attacking strategies to take down enemy bases. Players can either create their own attacking strategies or use the ones created by experienced players such as GoWipe, Dragons, and others. GoWibo is another very powerful attacking strategy for TH 9, 10, and 11, and is a well-known attack strategy in the game.

How to use a GoWiBo attack strategy

It is an effective Town Hall 10 3-star strategy for multiplayer battles and clan wars attacks if players have access to siege machines like Siege Barracks or Wall Wreckers and clan castle bowlers. This strategy is very effective when done with high-level heroes and troops.

If players have high-level TH 10 troops and want to reach Titan league, then they can use this strategy. The Army composition of the TH 10 GoWibo strategy is:

  • 3 Golems
  • 10 Witches
  • 5 Bowlers
  • 2 Healing spells
  • 2 Rage spells
  • 1 Freeze spell
  • 5 Bowlers (clan castle)
  • Wall Wrecker

If players add all these troops, the GoWiBo army composition will set them back by around 2850 Dark Elixir and 125000 Elixir.

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How to execute GoWiBo strategy

Step 1: First, players must build a funnel on either side of the base using a Golem and two Witches.

Step 2: After placing those six troops, players should place the remaining Golem, Barbarian King, 6 Witches, Archer Queen, Wall Wrecker, and 5 Bowlers in the center.

Step 3: Players now need to drop Healing Spells to keep Bowlers kill squad alive, they can use Rage spells to speed up their time at the core.

Step 4: Players now need to cast the freeze spell and poison on the clan castle troops as they come close to their troops. This usually lets troops clear the clan castle without taking too much damage or losing a lot of time.

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