Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release date could come any day from now, Krafton gives first few clues

Battlegrounds Mobile India surpassed the 30 million downloads in the first week of launch.

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Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched for just Android devices on July 2, 2021. This left a deep void for iOS devices. It has been over a month since then, and there was no news. While many would believe no news is good news, this kept many iOS players without the luxury of playing the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India surpassed the 30 million downloads in the first week of launch. The game currently has 46 million+ downloads on the Google Play store.

In a new Instagram post, Krafton hinted that a lot of updates are coming for players, regardless of their Operating System (OS). “PLEASE NOTE
We are preparing for all Indian players to receive rewards regardless of their OS 🍎”

Raised hopes for Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS release date

With the first clue official coming through, players are showing enthusiasm and are now waiting eagerly for the game to launch. An array of rumours spread before this official announcement was made. As the result, even professional gamers and streamers are also showing enthusiasm.

Kani Gaming, who on stream, says she faces a lot of lag on her Android device, has shown a lot of enthusiasm. In a community post she wrote, “My Android devices and lag issues are going to get solved soon.” This shows not just normal players, but even streamers are showing enthusiasm towards the much-anticipated date.

Hints and leaks

In a now-deleted post, Battlegrounds Mobile India updated its patch notes, and said KNOWN ISSUES “Game settings shut down when accessing the season C1S1 menu, some iPad devices.” Just this information is enough to keep the iOS device owners optimistic that the game might launch soon.

Kronten has played a huge part in speculations that were buzzing around during the pre-release state of BGMI. On his Livestream, he shared that he only had information regarding the android version’s official release just a few hours ahead of the launch. Now, in a community update on his official YouTube channel, he said, “It’ll take a while before the game comes on iOS devices. We have to wait for a few more days.”

Krafton’s website support section says that an iOS version of BGMI will indeed be released soon. Popular Esports personalities like Ghatak had earlier said that the game will come on the same as the Android users. That did not happen. Now, while the game is out there for every android user to download, iOS players still haven’t got a clue about a release date.

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