After suffering their fifth straight loss in the SEA DPC, Fnatic is getting closer to being demoted

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In the most recent round of the Southeast Asia Dota Pro Circuit (SEA DPC): Winter Tour, Fnatic is getting closer to being demoted to Division II after suffering their fifth straight defeat against BOOM Esports in the local league. Although the squad changed its roster during the off-season, it has been performing worse than expected as a result of numerous defeats in the SEA DPC: Winter Tour. After losing to BOOM Esports, Fnatic had two series left to play in Division I of the SEA DPC: Winter Tour. If they lost one more, they would be guaranteed a spot in Division II. After suffering their fifth straight loss in the SEA DPC, Fnatic is getting closer to being demoted

Recap and Highlights from the Fnatic vs. BOOM Esports match


Both teams changed their rosters a lot throughout the offseason. BOOM Esports and Fnatic both have a losing record in the SEA DPC, with BOOM Esports dropping its last four games while Fnatic has dropped its last five. A victory for either team might improve their chances of remaining in Division I for the Spring Tour, although that would depend on how the teams fared in the final week of the SEA DPC: Winter Tour.

Game One

Early in the game, Fnatic dominated as Kim “Gabbi” Santos’ Nature’s Prophet built up his net worth lead and split-pushed all over the map while Armel “Armel” Tabios’ Puck picked out BOOM’s heroes. With John “Natsumi-” Vargas’ Ursa attaining his power spike as the match went on, BOOM Esports was able to gradually reenter the match. Fnatic, however, had stronger map control as they took control of many Roshans and all of the peripheral towers.

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There is no other way to describe the game’s last 20 minutes than a slugfest in which both sides often traded blows. By driving Fnatic into a crucial team fight in their own base, BOOM Esports thought they had a great chance to win the match. Fnatic made a valiant effort to resist, but BOOM Esports eventually won the wild Game One after 61 minutes.

Game Two

In Game Two, Fnatic decided to go for an aggressive draught, selecting both Keepers of the Light (KOTL) for Armel and Djardel “DJ” Mampusti’s iconic Clockwerk in an effort to avoid giving up after the defeat. Fnatic’s use of the draught in Game Two proved to be a wise decision because they were able to completely control the map and still provide players like Gabbi & Armel enough time to use their items in the mid-game phase. The game finished after 47 minutes with Fnatic evening the score despite BOOM Esports’ attempts to defend their base and prolong play.

Game Three

Both teams were aiming to win their first SEA DPC series with the score now tied, since a victory for either side may help them avoid relegation. For Natsumi- & Erin “Yopaj” Ferrer, BOOM Esports selected the team of Morphling and Kunkka, while Fnatic selected an all-around draught that included Monkey King, Pangolier, and Viper.

Despite both teams frequently exchanging kills and goals, Natsumi’s Morphling was able to gain a significant financial edge early on in the game, and BOOM Esports won. But Fnatic started to change things in the middle of the match. Despite having a larger net worth than Fnatic, BOOM Esports proved to be the superior team as they won Game Three in 55 minutes to win the series for the first time ever in the SEA DPC.


Fnatic is currently in serious risk of being demoted to Division II for the upcoming tour as a result of the game. After the game, BOOM Esports will be able to exhale with ease, but if they want to stay in the league, they must win their next few games.

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