Today’s esports news is about Valorant and league of legends

The first news is about, The Reasons Why Valorant Players and Coaches Dislike the VCT LOCK/IN Format

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Only a few weeks remain till the eagerly anticipated VCT LOCK/IN event gets underway in So Paulo, Brazil at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera. 32 of the greatest teams from the professional sector of the game will compete against one another from February 4 through March 4 at the next Valorant competitive event. The 30 organisations that are a part of Riot’s Valorous Partnership Program are also included in this. In addition, two Chinese teams—EDG and FPX—have also been invited. Today’s esports news is about Valorant and league of legends

The decision was made by the organisers of VCT LOCK/IN to use a single elimination format in order to accommodate the 32 teams as Riot begins a new era with its most competitive Valorant tournament to date. Additionally, Riot has implemented a random draw procedure “to maximise the number of inter-regional matches at LOCK/IN,” allowing for the greatest number of inter-regional matches in the first and second rounds of the competition. Then, these games were divided into two brackets called Alpha and Omega.

There will be matches in both brackets that are best-of-three series. The dates for this are February 13–February 27. The champions of the Alpha and Omega brackets will then square off in the Grand Finale on March 4, after the last four teams have played in the Semi-Finals. A Best-of-Five series will be used to play both the Semi-Finals and the Final.

VCT/LOCK IN format causes dissatisfaction among players and coaches

Due to the single-elimination nature of VCT/LOCK IN, 16 of the 32 competing teams will be eliminated after just one Best-of-Two matches in the first round. Pro players and coaches for Valorant, including NRG Chet, who expressed his opinions on the competition, are upset with this unexpected change. The adjustment has drawn a lot of criticism from pro-sports fans. Leo Faria, Global Head of Valorant Esports at Riot Games, is optimistic about the organisers’ choice to allow 32 teams to compete, nevertheless.

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Global Esports of India finished in the Omega Bracket

The sole participating squad for India at the VCT/LOCK IN in Global Esports is what Indian Valorant supporters are banking on. The VCT Pacific team will begin its campaign against Club Vitality in the Omega bracket. The team has a fresh lineup that includes both international and local players.

The second news is about League of Legends’ EMEA Champions Queue is unveiled by Riot Games

Following in the footsteps of the North American Champions Queue (CQ), Riot Games has announced that League of Legends players in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) region will soon have access to a dedicated EMEA CQ server. The North American Champions Queue server has been the subject of numerous arguments and disputes over the past year, and players have criticised the professionals for not using it to its full potential. The League of Legends EMEA Championship (LEC) Winter Split will now begin on January 24 and players from the EMEA region will have the option to queue for Champions Queue. Players can practise League of Legends in a top-notch setting similar to a solo queue with the help of the EMEA Champions Queue server.

According to a statement from Riot Games, “EMEA CQ will begin concurrently with the LEC 2023 Winter Split, allowing current LEC players and developing players from several of our ERLs [European Regional League] to practise in an upgraded and competitive environment.”

Who is eligible to join the EMEA Champions Queue?

The EMEA CQ will initially feature players from the LEC and ERL as well as a few chosen professionals who might not currently be on a starting lineup. In addition, previous professionals who currently compete at a high level will be permitted to play on the server.

Who will be able to access the EMEA Champions Queue will be broken down in the manner described below:

• LEC starting lineup players

• LEC registered substitutes (must be Grandmaster or higher in Solo Queue in the previous     or current season)

• Accredited ERL starting lineup players

How long does it take to join the EMEA Champions Queue?

According to Riot Games, the official LEC Winter Split will begin on January 24 along with the EMEA Champions Queue. The EMEA LoL Champions Queue’s first split will be active from February 2nd through February 23rd, from 22:00 to 02:00 CET, for a single four-hour block per day. Due to the expectation that there would be fewer players accessible during the final hour of the queue, Riot indicated that off-role choices will be permitted.

Here is the split 1 Champions Queue schedule:

• Split 1 – 24th January to 23rd February

• Split 2 – 28th February to 31st March

• MSI Split – TBD

• Split 3 – 30th May to 30th June

• Split 4 – 4th July to 11th August

One of the benefits of using this dedicated server is that it has a leaderboard system, a private Discord server, and automatic lobby formation. You will require a Riot Games invitation in addition to the list of players already mentioned in order to access the server. A few weeks after launch, the business said, a Player Council would be established, and it will decide who gets access to the EMEA Champions Queue.

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