Angelo Mathews becomes first cricketer to be dismissed through 'Timed Out Dismissal' against Bangladesh

This rule was introduced in ODI cricket in June 2023. For Tests, the corresponding time limit is three minutes, while for T20Is, it is 90 seconds.

Angelo Mathews in a file photo. (Image Credits: Twitter)
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Angelo Mathews made history in international cricket by becoming the first batter to be dismissed due to a ‘timed out’ rule during the World Cup match in Delhi between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka at the Arun Jaitley Stadium on Monday, November 6. In the 25th over of the first innings, Mathews was timed out after Bangladesh’s captain, Shakib Al Hasan, successfully appealed. The on-field umpires even asked Shakib twice if he wished to retract the appeal. According to the ICC Playing Conditions for the World Cup, the incoming batter must be prepared to receive the ball within two minutes of a dismissal or a batter retiring.

This rule was introduced in ODI cricket in June 2023. For Tests, the corresponding time limit is three minutes, while for T20Is, it is 90 seconds. Sadeera Samarawickrama was dismissed at 15:49 local time according to official scorers, and Mathews walked in at 15:50 local time. However, he was declared out at 15:54 local time when he was not ready. Angelo Mathews encountered an issue with his helmet strap just as he was preparing to take strike. The fourth umpire, Adrian Holdstock, revealed that Mathews had already exceeded the two-minute mark by the time his equipment malfunctioned.

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“In this afternoon’s instance, the batter was not prepared to receive the ball within those two minutes, even before the [helmet] strap became a problem for him,” stated Holdstock in response to a question from commentator Ian Bishop. “The fielding captain initiated the appeal to Marais Erasmus, the on-field umpire, indicating that he wished to appeal for ‘timed out.’ It was just after the strap came loose that the fielding captain requested a ‘timed out’ appeal.

“We have specific protocols where the TV umpire monitors the two minutes. He then relays the message to the on-field umpires. As a batsman, you must ensure that all your equipment is in order before you reach the crease because you need to be ready to receive the ball within two minutes, not just ready to prepare or take your guard. Technically, you should be there within perhaps 15 seconds to ensure all these preparations are in place before receiving the ball.”

As the Bangladesh players celebrated, Mathews left the field in frustration. He was seen showing his helmet to head coach Chris Silverwood before angrily tossing it aside and heading towards the dressing room. This marked the seventh occurrence of a ‘timed out’ dismissal in men’s cricket, and it was the first time it occurred in 50-over cricket. The previous six instances had all taken place in first-class cricket.

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