Mick Foley makes a video resume in an effort to join the Judgment Day

Mick Foley wishes to join The Judgment Day and has submitted a video CV outlining how he can help them.

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After Damien Priest and Rhea Ripley betrayed their mentor Edge in June, Finn Balor joined The Judgment Day as its newest member. Shortly after, Dominik Mysterio joined the faction, making it stronger than ever. With WrestleMania fast approaching, Balor has hinted that the group would be expanding once more. While we don’t know who the next addition(s) may be, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has put his name in the running. The hardcore legend recently submitted a video CV on his “Foley Is Pod” podcast’s YouTube page describing how he might benefit the heels. He began by emphasizing his own strengths.

“I bring to the table 40 years of wrestling experience,” said Foley. “I’m known as the king of the death match, a three-time WWE Champion, [and I have] two turns at the top of the New York Times best sellers list.”

Foley spoke about his strengths on how he would benefit Judgment Day once he is part of the faction.

“I do not have the strength of Rhea Ripley, the coolness and abdominal development of Finn Balor, the leadership skills and mysterious aura of Damian Priest, or the athleticism of Dominik Mysterio,” he continued. “But I do have a unique set of talents and skills that can benefit The Judgment Day. I have been thrown off the top of a massive cell structure twice [and] I have set myself and Terry Funk on fire on multiple occasions.”

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Mick Foley last appeared at The Undertaker’s farewell

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley said that he was one of the luminaries invited to this past Monday’s 30th-anniversary episode of Raw, but that he was unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts. Foley stated on his Facebook page that his hectic schedule prevented him from appearing.

“I was definitely asked by WWE, and politely declined due to the hectic nature of my schedule. If I had not taken the past couple days off – and instead traveled to Philadelphia for the show – I would be on the road for 32 consecutive days. I have been working on a new project – which has been great fun, but also requires a lot of travel – and I just really needed a couple days off to relax and see my wife and children”.

Foley’s last WWE appearance came at the 2020 Survivor Series during The Undertaker’s Last Departure. In July 2022, he signed a new WWE Legends contract. The Hardcore Legend recently disclosed that he is dealing with a number of ailments as a result of his in-ring career.

Mick Doley’s got “muscular, neurological, skeletal” injuries

Mick Foley’s 29-year in-ring career, many of which were filled with violent hardcore battles, has cost the WWE Hall of Famer more than he could have imagined. The hardcore legend confessed on Foley is Pod that he is struggling with a number of difficulties.

He said, “We’ve been looking over your MRIs and your X-rays. You’ve got too many issues. You’ve got muscular, neurological, skeletal, and even if we are able to help from a neurological standpoint, there’s nothing we can do with those other things.’ I’m looking at all these things I did during the course of my career and I mean, I’m paying a steeper price than I thought imaginable.”

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