'American Bad Ass > Deadman' - WWE HOFer says about The Undertaker

Nearly after 20 Years The Undertaker brought back his "American Badass" persona. But a HOFer's tweet on The Deadman's persona divided the WWE universe.

Bray Wyatt and The Undertaker in a file photo [Image-Twitter]
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On the “Raw is XXX” special edition, The Undertaker returned to WWE television as “The American Badass” for the first time in over 20 years, much to the pleasure of fellow WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray. Ray said something during the live broadcast on Monday night in response to the Undertaker going down the ramp on a motorbike.

“American Bad Ass > Deadman. #WWERaw30,” Ray tweeted.

Fans who reacted to Ray’s opinion were split, with many arguing that “The American Badass” was truly an alter ego of The Deadman, and that the smack-talking biker gimmick never exuded the aura of mystique such as The Phenom.

Several others lamented the fact that Taker’s motorcycle-riding character was never revisited by WWE during the retired wrestler’s final few years. However, Taker did take the form of “The Unholy Trinity,” a combination of The Deadman, American Badass, and Mark Calaway, in his farewell Boneyard match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

The Undertaker – Prince of Darkness

When he initially appeared as “The American Badass” at Judgment Day 2000, Deadaman temporarily abandoned his Deadman identity (or iterations of his Prince of Darkness gimmick) for a period of four years. He eventually changed his character to “Big Evil” in the midst of the Team Alliance vs. Team WWE conflict. After falling short in a Buried Alive Fight against Kane at Survivor Series 2003, The Undertaker finally brought The Deadman back prior to his match with Kane at WrestleMania XX.

Bray Wyatt has reinvented himself throughout the years with several personalities, much like Undertaker. As many saw Wyatt as his spiritual successor in the WWE, Undertaker practically handed the reins to Wyatt on the “Raw is XXX” program by mumbling a few things to him and nodding as he left the ring. Later, on Twitter, Undertaker made a statement on the significance of the day.

“Moments define this industry. This one was special!” Taker wrote about his encounter with Wyatt in the ring.

Wyatt then remarked on the legend’s gesture, to which Taker said, “Respect is earned!”

Twitter had many guesses about what Taker said to Bray Wyatt

When LA Knight first appeared to hype his match with Bray Wyatt, the event got underway. But before he could speak The American Badass theme hit, and The American Badass’s music cut him off. Knight tried to go, but Wyatt stood in his way, a lamp in his hand, his music starting.

When Knight turned around and returned to the ring, Taker grabbed him by the throat. Until Taker threw Knight to him so he could strike Sister Abigail, Wyatt stared The Deadman down. Before departing, he said something in a whisper to Wyatt.

Many Twitter users had many thinking about what The Deadman could have said. A user tweeted, “Undertaker passing the torch to Bray Wyatt. Holy shit that was cool #RAWXXX”. Many tweets like these were tweeted. So, here are some of the top tweets which showed many angles on what The Undertaker really would have whispered to Bray Wyatt.

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