What tennis racquet does Alexander Zverev use? Know about his tennis gear here

Achieving noteworthy feats is no rarity for German star Alexander Zverev. Read about the tennis racquet he uses here.

Alexander Zverev in a file photo (Image: Twitter)

German tennis star Alexander Zverev has achieved something that neither Roger Federer nor Novak Djokovic have. What would that be? Why, an Olympic gold medal in the men’s singles event, of course.

Zverev won a gold medal in the men’s singles event in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021. This is a feat that has managed to elude those two superstars in an individual capacity.

Federer has a gold medal in the Olympics, but it was in the men’s doubles event. Djokovic’s best finish was a bronze medal in 2008.

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But back to the young German Zverev, for whom achieving noteworthy feats is no rarity. He emerged as the champion in the 2018 edition of the ATP Finals.

This, it is worth noting, made him the youngest winner at the year-end championship in a decade.

It is clear that Zverev further presents a strong challenge to the ‘Big Four’ which includes Federer, Rafael Nadal, Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Indeed, he is the only player barring those names to have notched up at least five ATP Masters 1000 titles. That is no mean feat. At his age, many tennis players were finding their feet. But Zverev has hit the ground running.

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One of Zeverev’s biggest strengths is when he is on serve. By his own admission, he plays badly when his serve rhythm deserts him.

His high profile life as a tennis star means there’s plenty of interest in his life. This also includes the equipment he uses to play the sport.

Here we are going to analyse the most important tool a tennis player uses on court – his racquet.

Alexander Zverev racquet

Zverev originally used a Head Speed racket until 2019, but he collaborated with Head to produce the Head Gravity Pro. Since then, he’s only used these racquets.

Indeed this racquet was specifically made for him and he was also the first player to use it on the pro tour.

His current frame is the TGT344.3 which is the pro stock code for Head Gravity Pro. The specs are quite close to the actual retail version of the racquet, a rarity given most pros heavily customise their gear.

Racquet specs

Head size100 square inches
Length27 inches
Strung weight343 grams
Balance33 cm
Swing weight~360 kg.cm2 (strung)
String pattern18 x 20
Grip styleHydrosorb Pro
Grip sizeL3 (4 3/8)

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