What tennis racquet does Stefanos Tsitsipas use? Know about his tennis gear here

Greek star Stefanos Tsitsipas has won 7 singles career titles so far and is one to watch. Read about the tennis racquet he uses here.

Stefanos Tsitsipas in a file photo. (Twitter: @rolandgarros)

When Stefanos Tsitsipas won the 2019 ATP Finals, he became the youngest winner of the prestigious tournament in eighteen years.

Tsitsipas also enjoys a stellar reputation in his home nation; indeed, a ranking of No. 3 in the world making him the highest-ranked Greek player in history.

Tsitsipas quickly established his credentials of being capable of defeating the best in the business. He finished as a runner-up in the 2018 edition of the Canadian Open.

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The Greek star became the youngest player to defeat four top ten opponents in a single tournament during that stellar campaign. Thus he showcased his vast potential to the fullest extent.

Tsitsipas has won 7 singles career titles so far, with 2019 marking his most successful season ever.

And he will certainly be expected to surge ahead and record more success in the game; considering the prowess he enjoys and damage he is capable of, it is the least one can expect from him.

One of the biggest weapons in the Greek star’s favour is his ability to hit powerful groundstroke winners as well as a supremely strong forehand. The latter enables Tsitsipas to finish points off of the first serve.

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Another trick which the tennis star uses to great effect is using his high topspin rate to pull opponents off the court for winners.

His high profile life as a tennis star means there’s plenty of interest in his personal life. This, of course, also includes the kind of equipment he uses to play the sport.

Here we are going to analyse the most important tool a tennis player uses on court – a racquet.

Stefanos Tsitsipas racquet

Tsitsipas is sponsored by Wilson and endorses their Blade 98 V7 18 x 20 racquet. This is the racquet he uses albeit in a customised form.

He has used the Wilson Blade 98 throughout the course of his professional career and a large portion of his junior days.

Interestingly, he uses the exact same racquet that he endorses; most pros will endorse one racquet but use a different one.

Below we will look at the specifications of the racquet that he uses.

Racquet specs

Head size98 square inches
Length27 inches
Strung weight337 grams
Unstrung balance32.0 cm
Swing weight~340 kg.cm2 (strung)
String pattern18 x 20
Grip size4 3/8″

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