NCAA Div II Swimming Championship: Livestreaming, schedule, where to watch & more

The NCAA Division II Swimming Championships is scheduled to take place from March 12 to 16 at the SPIRE Institute Aquatics Centre in Ohio.

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The NCAA Division II Swimming Championships is scheduled to take place from March 12 to 16. The tournament will be held at the SPIRE Institute Aquatics Centre in Geneva, Ohio.

The tournament is the annual swim meet held by the NCAA to determine the champions for the individual and relay events for the Division II members of the USA and Canada. It consists of various events such as freestyle, backstroke, etc.

The list of qualifiers for the NCAA Division II Swimming Championships was announced a few days ago in a press release by the NCAA. The Ulndy Men and the Nova Southeastern women won the tournament last time around in the men’s and the women’s categories with 527 and 536.5 points, respectively.

For each event in the NCAA Division II Swimming Championships, the women will be going first followed by that of the men.

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NCAA Div II Swimming Championship- Schedule

Here is the complete schedule of events from Day 1 to Day 5 of the NCAA Division II Swimming and Division Championships:

Day 1 (March 12)

Time (ET)EventSexRound
6 P.M.800m freestyle relayW/MFinals

Day 2 (March 13)

Time (ET)EventSexRound
10 A.M.200m individual medleyW/MTrials
10 A.M.50m freestyleW/MTrials
10 A.M.1000m freestyleW/MTrials
1 P.M.1m divingMTrial
5:30 P.M.1000m freestyle W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.200m individual medleyW/MFinals
5:30 P.M.50m freestyleW/MFinals
5:30 P.M.1m diving MFinals
5:30 P.M.200m freestyle relay W/MFinals

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Day 3 (March 14)

Time (ET)EventSexRound
10 A.M. 100m butterfly W/MTrials
10 A.M. 400m individual medleyW/MTrials
10 A.M. 200m freestyle W/MTrials
1 P.M.3m divingWTrial
5:30 P.M.100m butterfly W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.400m individual medleyW/MFinals
5:30 P.M.200m freestyle W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.3m diving WFinal
5:30 P.M.400m medley relayN/AFinals

Day 4 (March 15)

Time (ET)EventSexRound
10 A.M. 500m freestyle W/MTrials
10 A.M.100m backstroke W/MTrials
10 A.M.100m breaststroke W/MTrials
10 A.M.200m butterfly W/MTrials
1 P.M3m diving MTrial
5:30 P.M.500m freestyle W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.100m backstroke W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.100m breaststroke W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.200m butterfly W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.3m diving MFinal
5:30 P.M.200m freestyle relayW/MFinals

Day 5 (March 16)

Time (ET)EventSexRound
10 A.M.100m freestyle W/MTrials
10 A.M.200m backstroke W/MTrials
10 A.M.200m breaststroke W/MTrials
10 A.M.1,650m freestyle W/MTrials
1 P.M1m diving WTrial
5:30 P.M.100m freestyle W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.200m backstroke W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.200m breaststroke W/MFinals
5:30 P.M.1,650m freestyleW/MFinals
5:30 P.M.1m divingWFinal
5:30 P.M.400m freestyle relay W/MFinals

Where to Watch the NCCA Division II Swimming Championships?

Each of the five days of the NCAA Division II Swimming Championships will be streamed live on Besides, the live results of the events will also be updated there.

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