Jaylen Brown answers why he is still wearing a face mask

Celtics' forward Jaylen Brown, has had to play with a protective face mask on during games ever since breaking his face in February.

Jaylen Brown in a file photo, Image credit: Twitter
By Blesson Daniel | Apr 16, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

More than a month after incurring a facial fracture in a collision with Boston Celtics teammate Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown is still wearing a protective mask. While his health has improved, the mask will be with him for the foreseeable future. Brown was hit on the left side of his face by teammate Jayson Tatum as the two went for a rebound against the 76ers in the final minute of the first half. Brown rose slowly and walked straight to the Boston locker room.

Jaylen Brown answered why he is still wearing the mask, ““I think it’s not fully healed. I think what they said, like, you got like six weeks until the cartilage starts to grow back so you’re, I guess, safe if you were to take another hit,” Brown said, via Justin Leger of NBC Sports Boston. “But you still got like another six weeks before I guess it fully gets back to where it is or where it’s supposed to be.”

The Celtics went 8-2 in their final ten regular-season games, finishing the year on a three-game winning streak. Furthermore, they managed to finish just one game behind the Milwaukee Bucks, giving them the NBA’s second-best record.

With the team currently leading the Atlanta Hawks by halftime, only time will tell whether Jaylen Brown continues to wear the mask for the rest of the Playoffs, but with how his game has been going, the Celtics administration and coach won’t mind if he keeps performing like this.

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Boston Celtics, 1-0 against Atlanta Hawks in playoffs

The Boston Celtics joined the Philadelphia 76ers in winning the 2023 NBA playoffs on Saturday. The third game of the day will begin with the Cavaliers playing the Knicks in the first playoff game in Cleveland since 1998. The Celtics defeated the seventh-seeded Atlanta Hawks, jumping out to a 30-point halftime lead and hanging on for a 112-99 victory.

Jaylen Brown of Boston led all scorers with 29 points, while Jayson Tatum contributed 25. Trae Young, the Hawks’ standout, was restricted to 16 points on 5-of-18 shooting.

In Game 1, the 76ers set a franchise record with 21 3-pointers against the Brooklyn Nets, winning 121-101. In a 23-point, 13-assist performance, James Harden hit on seven of those triples, while Joel Embiid scored a relatively quiet 26 points.

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