'It's not sport when success is guaranteed', says Pep Guardiola on European Super League

Saying he does not have the entire information, the Manchester City manager has urged the owners of all the clubs to clarify it

Pep Guardiola in a file photo; Credit: Manchester City Twitter page
By Karthik Raman | Apr 20, 2021 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola is the latest manager to have his say on the much talked about European Super League. Guardiola said that he does not have all the information to talk about the issue, which is currently dominating the footballing world. Ahead of their visit to Aston Villa, the former Barcelona manager has urged owners of the 12 clubs to come forward and clarify their decision.

“No one has given any more details [to me] about what is going to happen or what is going to be created,” Guardiola said. “Honestly we (the managers) are not the right people to ask about it because only the president of this committee can talk more clearly about the idea for the future of football.”

Guadiola has went on to say how he feels “uncomfortable” answering these questions as he does not have the entire information about it. “That is why it is a little uncomfortable for us (the managers). We don’t have all the information. Once we have all the information, I can give my opinion. I can give my opinion of what I know today but I do not know any more – that is the reality,” he added.

On the League…

The Manchester City manager also opened up about what he thinks of the league. “It is not a sport where the relation between effort and success does not exist. It is not a sport where success is already guaranteed, it is not a sport where it doesn’t matter when you lose,” he added.

“But at the moment it is only a statement, and no more than that. I would love the president of this committee to explain to the whole world why they took the decision. I don’t know why these specific teams have been selected and going to play this competition.”

The current Premier League leaders, Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur are part of the 12 founding clubs of the European Super League.

“I have said many times, I want the best and strongest competition possible, especially the Premier League. And it’s not fair if one team fights to make it to the top and then cannot qualify because success is just guaranteed for a few clubs,” he added.



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