Breakdown and Predictions: Qatar 2022

With the group stage long gone and the round-of-16 coming to a close, there has rarely been a tournament as open to interpretation as the Qatar World Cup.

Argentine forward Lionel Messi in a file photo; Credit: Twitter/@Argentina
By Karthik Raman | Dec 14, 2022 | 4 Min Read follow icon Follow Us


The 2022 Qatar World Cup is unique in its ability to captivate its audience with breathtaking play. Whether from the staggering performances of some of the best national teams in the game or the grandiose shows of mettle from some unexpected victories by Japan and Saudi Arabia

This feeling I can’t shake…

With the group stage long gone and the round-of-16 coming to a close, there has rarely been a tournament as open to interpretation as the Qatar World Cup. Each team brings a unique skillset to the field and style of play, each with their own deep-rooted motivation for driving hard and taking home the grand prize; national esteem and the sweet golden trophy.

This hyper-competitive environment and the strength of each individual team gives the humble fan back home a chance to make some lucrative decisions and join in the fun, hopping on any of their options for sports betting in Ireland and taking advantage of the world cup fever.

The teams to beat (and why!)

Despite this, there are some teams definitely more favored than others, and for reasons that surpass a simple need to win or gain affection back home. The predicted top five finish of Brazil, Argentina, France, England and Portugal are all fairly equal contenders and with the quarter-finals looming, here is a breakdown of the teams:


Brazil; the beating heart of the game. If you want real, raw football head down to São Paulo and test yourself against the local kids and see where the talent really begins. With five past world cup wins and the fatherly gaze of the elderly Pele to account for, team Brazil strive to refresh their reputation and scrub the past of embarrassing losses.

Nonetheless, star performances from Neymar, Richarlison and Paqueta have been giving team Brazil sweeping victories against South Korea and Switzerland and a real chance to take it all. Without any outbreak injuries to taint the odds, Brazil are looking like incredibly strong opponents.


Messi’s Argentina have seen better days. In an early loss to Saudi Arabia, which in retrospect was more of an impressive fluke, Argentina showed that there are cracks in the foundation. Later matches showed less and less of these problems in integrity with decisive victories against Mexico, Poland and Australia.

On another note, Messi’s age; though not yet deciding on a full retirement, he confirms an exit from international football. The 35-year old powerhouse, still recording excellent statistics with every appearance, strives and motivates his team to finally take home a finals win of his own.


Messi’s Argentina, Ronaldo’s Portugal. Although arguably the least-favored team in the top five finish predictions, Portugal have nonetheless decided to make this tournament their hail mary attempt at giving Ronaldo his much-deserved World Cup trophy. Bruno Fernandes, Felix and goalkeeper Costa make up a fantastic backing track to the team’s success.

Can Ronaldo lead his country to their first world cup victory and, indeed, finally bring home victory? Although not strictly the end, this is one the final pushes that the Portuguese national team can have of relevancy before the eventual retirement of their major player.


Not only are some player’s personal last-ditch efforts at getting a world cup at stake, but the whole country’s reputation. The year 1966 rings in the ears of old-timers as the last time they got to witness their country’s global fame as kings of football (for that year.)

With brilliant performances between the entire cast of The Three Lions this year, Rashford and Saka have stood out as goal generators in front of fortunate performances from newcomer Foden and experienced Graelish. An excellent performance thus far rests on a decisive quarter-final game with France.


The Batman and Robin of France; Kylian Mbappe and Olivier Giroud. Both players showcasing their superior game sense and personal skill, Mbappe even currently leading the World Cup in goals altogether, allow France to take pride in Les Bleus once again. Without any hindrance, the dynamic duo give the French some serious hope for their national team.

France themselves seem to have little to fight for except another notch in the belt. This would continue a streak started in 1998 and continued with a beautiful World Cup finals victory in 2018. Can they take home the trophy again, or be forced to wait until 2038 to continue the pattern?

Some Final Remarks

Although we can try our best, the power of prophecy is unfortunately a skill reserved for higher powers or some of their favored prophets, and not for article writers. Each team has shown themselves to be the pinnacle of the sport in their own respective way, having a unique inspiration to fight so hard for the fated world cup, but only time will tell the final match.



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