Xbox Halo Infinite: How to use threat sensor in Halo Infinite

Threat Sensor senses threats in its area of effect and sticks to a surface and looks for enemies.

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Halo Infinite offers several equipment upgrades for Master Chief to find, and the Threat Sensor is one such piece of equipment. As the name suggests, the Threat Sensor senses threats in its area of effect. Once it is sent out, it sticks to a surface and looks for enemies.

The Threat Sensor can also scan for enemies through walls and buildings. On Xbox, Halo Infinite players can make use of the Threat Sensor by pressing RB with the game’s default controller settings. This works in both campaign and multiplayer modes.

How to use the Threat Sensor on Xbox

The Halo Infinite Threat Sensor can be found in the equipment slot of the in-game HUD. During multiplayer, players can hold only one equipment item at a time. In the campaign, Master Chief will be required to switch between equipment.

So, in multiplayer mode, players just need to pick up the Threat Sensor item, and it will be available to use with RB. Otherwise, players will be required to press on the Directional Pad. This will open the Equipment Bar and it shows all the available equipment that Master Chief can use. When players acquire the Threat Sensor, they will see the prompt to press down on the D-Pad to make it the primary item.

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How to find the Threat Sensor

The Threat Sensor will be given in the campaign before fighting Chak’Lok. If it’s a part of the story, players won’t miss getting the equipment. In multiplayer mode, there are four maps that offer a Threat Sensor in Halo Infinite. Players can look for them in Equipment Dispensers or loot other players that have been eliminated.

Maps where players can find a Threat Sensor:

  • Launch Site
  • Highpower
  • Fragmentation
  • Deadlock

If players can prioritize this item, it could help them significantly in objective modes. This piece of equipment can inform players when someone is approaching a Stronghold or their team’s flag. Having intel on the location of opponents in Halo Infinite is crucial.

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