Ubisoft's Call Of Duty Competitor XDefiant Set to Launch on May

Ubisoft just made a big announcement on their blog, they are launching a new game called XDefiant and It's free to play.

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By Naman Alok | May 3, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Ubisoft’s game XDefiant will be out on May 21st, It is a shooting game like Call of Duty. This game had some problems before but now it’s better. The game is free to play and you can choose from five groups and play with friends. The game will change every three months, Ubisoft plans to add new groups and places to play. Some people are worried about the game. They think it might not be good but others are curious to try it. We will have to wait and see what happens when the game comes out.

Ubisoft’s New Game XDefiant Comes Out Soon

Lots of people weren’t sure about it when XDefiant was first shown in 2021. The Ubisoft community had a bunch of doubts but after they let people try it out many times, things started to change. Players liked how the game played and how the fights felt, It wasn’t as perfect as Call of Duty but it still got a lot of praise.

Ubisoft just made a big announcement on their blog, they are launching a new game called XDefiant and It’s free to play. This game is all about action-packed shooting in an arena and the preseason starts on May 21st. In this preseason, there will be five different groups in the game and these groups are inspired by lots of other games Ubisoft has made.

In the beginning, gamers will get to choose from four groups right away: Cleaners, Libertad, Echelon and Phantoms. But if they want to play as Dedsec, they will either have to unlock it or buy it. There are lots of maps, game modes and weapons for players to use. They can jump into battles with six players on each side or try out the competitive mode with four players on each side.

Players are getting ready for Season 1 as the preseason keeps going for six weeks. Ubisoft has a plan for what’s coming next, and hints at new groups, weapons and battlefields each season. They are using cool names like Ruby, Buzz, Orchard and Horde to keep things mysterious for the future of XDefiant.

XDefiant’s decision not to launch on platforms like Steam and the Epic Games Store might surprise some people, but its dynamic seasons are exciting. Ubisoft promises to give players new stuff to do every three months which sounds like it will keep us hooked. But there are still big questions: will the game be as good as they say and can it handle all the problems it is facing during development?

As Ubisoft faces troubles like workplace issues and changes in game features, XDefiant’s launch hasn’t been easy. Despite all that, gamers are excited for its release on May 21st and hoping for a fresh start in competitive gaming.

Ubisoft’s new game is getting a lot of attention in the world of online gaming. It is different from other games because it mixes different groups, has fast-paced action and promises to keep getting better with updates. In the world of first-person shooters where there are a lot of games competing, XDefiant is trying to stand out.

It’s obvious that this isn’t just any ordinary game, It’s a sign of creativity and strength that doesn’t give up easily.

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