What If Season 2 Episode 8: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Explore the time-twisting adventure in What If Season 2 Episode 8 as the Avengers journey to 1602. Uncover spoilers, release details, and streaming information. Don't miss the pre-ultimate episode's revelations!

What If Season 2 (Credits: Disney/Marvel Studios)
By Saheel Khirodkar | Dec 28, 2023 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

As the second season of “What If” unfolds, fans eagerly anticipate the pre-ultimate episode that promises to delve into a unique time-travel scenario. Titled “What If… The Avengers Assembled in 1602?”, Episode 8 is set to transport our beloved Avengers back to the Elizabethan era. What If Season 2 Episode 8 is riding the waves of excitement from fans and in this brief news blog, we’ll provide a recap of the preceding episode, offer a glimpse into the upcoming chapter, and detail the release date and time for viewers around the world.

Recap of Previous Episodes

In the previous episode, viewers were treated to an intriguing cameo from the Watcher, breaking the fourth wall and hinting at the multiverse’s complexity. The alternate version of the Avengers team featured modernized suits reminiscent of their iconic looks from the first Avengers movie. Notably, Wasp’s inclusion pays homage to the original Avengers team from the 1960s. The episode set the stage for the impending clash against an undisclosed big bad, suggesting Scarlet Witch’s role in assembling a team to save the multiverse.

Preview of What If Season 2 Episode 8

The upcoming episode promises an exciting twist as Captain Carter finds herself in 1602, tasked with unraveling a temporal error. Stranded alongside well-known heroes and villains in an Elizabethan-era setting, the Avengers must navigate a world filled with present MCU characters. The episode hints at the challenges they face and the quest to understand the mysterious temporal anomaly.

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Release Date and Time of What If Season 2 Episode 8

What If Season 2 Episode 8 is scheduled for release on December 29, 2023, exclusively on Disney Plus. The episode, titled “What If… The Avengers Assembled in 1602?”, will be available for streaming at 3:00 AM PT in the US. For international viewers, the release timings are as follows:

Time ZoneRelease TimeDate
Pacific Time (New York)3:00 AM on FridayDecember 29, 2023
Eastern Time (Canada)6:00 AM on FridayDecember 29, 2023
Greenwich Mean Time11:00 AM on FridayDecember 29, 2023
Central European Time12:00 PM on FridayDecember 29, 2023
Indian Standard Time3:30 PM on FridayDecember 29, 2023
Philippine Standard Time6:00 PM on FridayDecember 29, 2023
Australian Standard Time8:00 PM on FridayDecember 29, 2023

Fans worldwide can catch the episode at the specified times on Disney Plus.

Where to Watch What If Season 2 Episode 8?

What If Season 2 Episode 8 will be exclusively available on Disney Plus. Viewers can tune in to the streaming platform to witness the time-traveling adventure of the Avengers in 1602.

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Final Thoughts

As the multiverse continues to unravel in “What If” Season 2, Episode 8 promises an exciting journey into the past with the Avengers. The anticipation builds as fans await the unveiling of the big bad and the ultimate showdown to save the multiverse. Set your alarms for December 29, 2023, at 3:00 AM PT and join the adventure on Disney Plus.

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