Sui Ishida Reacts to Choujin X Anime Adaptation

In this article, check out how Sui Ishida reacted to Choujin X Anime Adaptation news, rumors, plot, and more information.

Choujin X (Credits: Manga Plus/ Shueisha, Tonari no Jump)
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The fandom was all excited when recently the Tokyo Ghould author Sui Ishida Reacted to Choujin X Anime Adaptation. When questioned about the possibility of an anime adaptation of Choujin X, author Sui Ishida recently responded, “I’d love to see it…” in a fan Q&A with Tokyo Ghoul and Choujin X.

Choujin X Anime Adaptation News

This did strike a spark in the fanbase by separating them into two sides, but it does not confirm that Choujin X actually became animated. There was one who thought, “If Studio Pierrot is adapting it, then I don’t want it,” in contrast to the more optimistic ones.

They thought Choujin X’s massive success may make it a target for a larger studio. But therein lies the issue. Studios like MAPPA, A1-Pictures, Bones, Sunrise, and Kyoto are unlikely to add Choujin X to their catalog if the program is not as popular as Demon Slayer, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, or Demon Slayer.

But if Studio Pierrot takes it on, it’s not all bad. Pierrot plans to produce more seasonal anime, including their long-running series like Boruto and Black Clover, as a result of the popularity of Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War arc, according to a recent interview with the company president.

Ishida would be involved in the scriptwriting, and Pierrot’s animation crew, who were part of Bleach TYBW, would produce Choujin X in the style that fans and I had hoped for, should it turn out to be a seasonal anime. More speculation about an anime adaptation has surfaced due to speculations that Sui Ishida is in touch with Chuuji Mikasono, who wrote the script for the Tokyo Ghoul series.

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What is Choujin X is all about

Sui Ishida is the creator and artist of the Choujin X manga series. With sporadic serialization on Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website beginning in May 2021 and a brief run on Weekly Young Jump from October 2021 to February 2022, the book has been there for a while. As of September 2022, four Tankobon volumes containing the manga chapters were available.

The Plot

The slacker Tokio Kurohara is a sophomore in high school. Nevertheless, he teams up with his longtime companion Azuma Higashi to fight the impending injustice in their community, despite his demeanor at school. Azuma, in contrast to Tokio, is physically strong and seldom gets the better of the common criminals they face.

Still, not even Azuma will choose to fight in some situations. Tokio and Azuma will stop at nothing to avoid choujins, superhuman beings with abilities beyond those of mortals. They get into an altercation one day when a gangster they had previously vanquished returns for vengeance. They inject themselves with a medicine that can convert someone into a Choujin since they are unable to escape from their enemy.

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