Kakuriyo -Bed And Breakfast for Spirits Confirmed for Season 2 in Fall 2025

The official announcement of "Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits-" anime's second season, set to premiere in Fall 2025, has fans eagerly awaiting the continuation of Aoi's captivating supernatural adventures.

Kakuriyo -Bed And Breakfast for Spirits (Credits: Gonzo K.K.)
By Saheel Khirodkar | May 4, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

My fellow supernatural anime junkies! I’ve got some epic news that’s gonna make your spirits happy. Our beloved Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast for Spirits- is coming back for a second season in fall 2025! The official website just dropped this bombshell announcement along with a fresh teaser visual to whet our appetites. Better yet, they roped in Tsugaru Toba, the manga artist for the 2023 adaptation, to create a celebratory illustration. The fandom is buzzing with excitement right now!

The Enchanting Story We Fell in Love With

For the uninitiated, Kakuriyo follows college student Aoi whose life takes an extraordinary turn when she inherits the ability to see spirits from her late grandpa. Wild, right? Things get even more interesting when she meets a god who runs the mystical Tenjin-ya inn and claims she has to marry him to pay off gramps’ debts. But our girl Aoi is determined! Instead, she decides to work at the inn herself to settle the debt her way.

The first season back in 2018 captivated us with its unique supernatural world and heartwarming storytelling. Crunchyroll streamed it as it aired, while Funimation provided the English dub. They even released home video versions in 2019 so fans could rewatch anytime!

Kakuriyo’s Growing Popularity

Of course, Kakuriyo originated as the popular novel series by Midori Yūma that launched in 2015 with Kadokawa’s Fujimi L Bunko imprint. With 12 volumes out as of last year, the novels continue driving interest towards the upcoming anime season.

The story has also expanded into manga form. There’s an ongoing manga adaptation by Waco Ioka that started in 2016, plus a new one by Tsugaru Toba that began in January 2023. The franchise’s reach keeps growing!

Final thoughts on Kakuriyo in 2025

Look, w͏het͏he͏r you’re a l͏ong͏time Kakur͏iy͏o͏ fan ͏or new t͏o Aoi’s͏ world, the ͏sec͏on͏d se͏a͏͏son promis͏es to be must͏-se͏e viewing͏. The͏ first installm͏ent hooke͏d us with its irres͏ist͏ible supernatu͏͏ral͏ thril͏ls, ͏rela͏table characters, and gripping storytelli͏ng. ͏An͏d you͏͏ k͏now ͏the new season is going to ͏be just as awesome!

So get excited͏, spirit enthusiast͏s! When fall 2025 arrives, we’ll all be glued to our s͏cree͏ns, ready ͏to be enc͏hanted by Kakuriyo once again. I can’t wait to dive͏ back into that ͏spir͏ited realm alongside fellow fans. It is going to be an amazing ride!

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