Top 5 Spots in Miramar for Quick Rank Push in BGMI

Water Treatment is like a key spot. It's famous for having great loot and dangerous snipers. People really want to go there.

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By Naman Alok | Jan 1, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

The best places to drop in BGMI’s Miramar for quick ranking success! In this vast battleground, where size matters, we’ve uncovered five prime locations. From Water Treatment’s strategic oasis to the coastal riches of Valle Del Mar, each spot offers unique advantages. Explore Chumacera’s military marvel and the hidden bounty on the Isles North of Puerto Paraiso. Don’t miss the tactical retreat in the secret tunnels south of Los Leones. Mastering Miramar starts with choosing the right drop spot. Read on for a detailed guide to each location and gain the upper hand in BGMI’s challenging terrain. Top 5 Spots in Miramar for Quick Rank Push in BGMI

Here are Best 5 Places in Miramar to Quickly Climb Ranks in BGMI

1. Water Treatment

In the middle of the map, Water Treatment is like a key spot. It’s famous for having great loot and dangerous snipers. People really want to go there. But, there’s not much stuff to hide behind, so it’s a busy place. Grab the good loot fast, move around, and stay alive when lots of people are fighting. This way, you can be in a good position to win.

2. Chumacera

Chumacera is a big military town that’s a pretty decent place to land. Expect some fights early on, but if you look around carefully, you can find really good stuff. Being in the middle helps you move around smartly, so you can get through the battleground without unnecessary fights.

3. Valle Del Mar

A small town by the sea in the southwest has secret treasures if you look closely. Valle Del Mar is like a base for the biggest island, great for surprise attacks with awesome loot. There are lots of roads and plenty of vehicles, making it easy to move around smoothly as the game progresses.

4. Puerto Paraiso

If you go east of Puerto Paraiso, there are islands that many experienced players might not notice. Even though the flights there can be a bit tricky, exploring these islands at the right times can get you really good stuff. This gives new players a hidden advantage.

5. Secret Tunnels South of Los Leones

Instead of going to the big and busy town, Los Leones, head south. There’s a round ridge that hugs some secret tunnels. These tunnels always have really good assault rifles and marksman rifles. While everyone else is fighting hard, you can quietly collect great loot and be fully ready for the middle part of the battle royale match.

In the huge world of Miramar, the key to moving up the ranks fast is picking smart places to land. Every spot has its own good things, giving players the important stuff to move around in this big and tough battleground.

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