How to Get Party Poppers For Free Exchange Rewards in BGMI?

Players must collect party poppers in order to participate in the New Year Exchange Center celebrations.

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By Naman Alok | Jan 5, 2024 | 3 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is starting the New Year with a cool event called the New Year Exchange Center. Players can get awesome rewards, and the fun lasts until January 25. This event comes right after the Winter 2.9 update, adding winter-themed stuff and more prizes to the game. As everyone looks forward to Krafton’s next game in India, find out how to grab these new rewards and join the New Year celebrations.

Starting with the New Year bonus, if players buy 600 UC in the game, they get an extra 480 UC as a bonus. But that’s not all – the New Year bonuses last until January 11, and players can get even more free UC with smaller purchases of 60, 300, and 600 UC. It’s like getting extra game money as a special New Year gift for a limited time.

How to get Party Poppers in BGMI New Year Exchange Center 

Players must collect party poppers in order to participate in the New Year Exchange Center celebrations. This is accomplished by inflicting particular quantities of damage during matches, as demonstrated by the [New Year] The Damage Guy event banner. The following is a breakdown of party poppers depending on damage dealt:

  • Deal 300 damage in Classic Mode – 10 Party Poppers
  • Deal 1000 damage in Classic Mode – 30 Party Poppers
  • Deal 5000 damage in Classic Mode – 50 Party Poppers

Additionally, playing classic-mode matches with friends can also earn party poppers. Keep in mind that these rewards are only available until January 21:

  • Play Classic Mode with Friends every day – 1 Party Popper
  • Play Classic Mode with Friends 3 times every day – 3 Party Poppers
  • Play Classic Mode with Friends 5 times every day – 5 Party Poppers

Participation in the [New Year] Survival Spirit mode, active until January 21, offers another avenue to acquire party poppers:

  • Survive for a total of 10 minutes in Classic Mode – 1 Party Popper (every day)
  • Survive for a total of 20 minutes in Classic Mode – 2 Party Poppers (every day)
  • Survive for a total of 30 minutes in Classic Mode – 3 Party Poppers (every day)

BGMI New Year Exchange Center Rewards Event

Your hard-earned party poppers are transformed into a treasure of prizes at the New Year Exchange Center. Check out the interesting offerings up for grabs:

  • 3 Party Poppers – Supply Crate Coupon
  • 9 Party Poppers – Classic Crate Coupon Scrap
  • 30 Party Poppers – Space Idol Cover
  • 30 Party Poppers – Camo Hotpants
  • 50 Party Poppers – Ranger Hoodie (white)
  • 80 Party Poppers – Space Idol Set
  • 120 Party Poppers – Starry Enigma – UZI

Remember, you can only get each reward once, except for the Classic Crate and Supply Crates. You can use the Classic Crate Coupon Scrap five times, and the Supply Crate Coupon can be used ten times. It’s like a rule, you can grab most rewards just once, but these special coupons let you get more Classic and Supply Crates. So, you have a few extra chances to get cool stuff in the game.

Apart from the ongoing celebrations, players can also take advantage of past events. For example, you can pretend to be Ranveer Singh by buying the RS Crate, which is now 50% off at 30 UC. If you’re looking for other battle royale games on mobile, check out this list of the best ones that give you an exciting experience without any cost. It’s like a suggestion not only can you enjoy the current events, but you can also grab discounted stuff from previous happenings or explore other cool games for free.

Make sure you don’t miss the fun! You can easily play Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android and iOS using the Google Play and App Stores. Get ready for an amazing time in the game while enjoying the New Year celebrations. It’s like an invitation, the game is right there on your phone, and there’s a lot of excitement waiting for you. So, gear up and have a blast in the world of Battlegrounds Mobile India during the New Year celebrations.

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