Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass Revealed: Premium Skins, Events, and Rewards

A tiered advancement system, the Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass awards rewards according to the amount of XP (a virtual currency obtained by playing games and completing objectives) that is accrued.

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In keeping with Halloween, Overwatch 2 Season 7 offers an alluring black theme that runs throughout the game’s vast battle pass, which consists of 80 tiers full of alluring skins, gear, and other sought-after cosmetics. The excitement surrounding Halloween also leads to the widely awaited Halloween Terror Event, which features the game mode “Trials of Sanctuary,” a pioneering crossover from Blizzard Entertainment, front and centre. This mode brings the worlds of Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 together in a grand partnership. Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass Revealed: Premium Skins, Events, and Rewards

All the important information about the new seasonal battle pass, which debuted on October 10th, is revealed in this post. It will be available for gamers to enjoy for about two months, during which time they will be able to gather a wealth of free and paid skins, goods, and other alluring cosmetics.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass: A Comprehensive Guide

A tiered advancement system, the Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass awards rewards according to the amount of XP (a virtual currency obtained by playing games and completing objectives) that is accrued. Gamers can choose to go through the free tier and get some cosmetics, or they can grab the entire battle pass and get a lot of goodies.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass: Pricing and Versatile Options

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Premium Battle Pass | 1000 Overwatch Coins

  • Unlock all 80 tiers within the premium battle pass.
  • Offer an unparalleled 20% boost in XP.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Ultimate Battle Pass Bundle | $39.99 USD

  • Unlock all 80 tiers within the premium battle pass.
  • Gain a head start by instantly unlocking 20 Tiers, along with the associated skins, items, and rewards.
  • Benefit from an exceptional 20% XP boost.
  • Receive an immediate injection of 2000 Overwatch Coins to enhance your in-game experience.
  • Acquire coveted Legendary Skins – Inarius Pharah and Lilith Moira.
  • Enjoy the stunning Pumpkin Spice Bastion Epic Skin, Moira Highlight, and Two Sprays.

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass: Discover the World of Skins, Items, and Rewards

Players can purchase the battle pass to unlock a whopping 80 tiers of skins, equipment, and rewards. You can still uncover a wealth of attractive products that are just waiting to be claimed if you want to go the free path.

TierStatusReward 1Reward 2Reward 3
1PremiumGhostly Ride Widowmaker Legendary SkinNightraven Illari Legendary SkinPlayer Icon – Bridemari
2FreePlayer Icon – Victorian Hat100 Credits
3PremiumVoice Line – Witching Hour (Mercy)
4PremiumHighlight Intro – Focus (Genji)
5FreeVictory Pose – Here’s My Knife (Junker Queen)100 Credits
6PremiumSpray – Crimsonmon
7PremiumName Card – Night Ravens (Illari)
8FreeEmote – Death Scroll (Reaper)
9PremiumVoice Line – Something Scary (D.Va)
10FreeVictorian Ghost Lucio Epic Skin
11PremiumVictory Pose – Balloon (Soldier: 76)
12PremiumSouvenir – Gramophone
13FreeSpray – Trick100 Credits
14PremiumPlayer Icon – Ghost Rider (Widowmaker)
15FreeName Card – The Dead Hunger100 Credits
16PremiumVoice Line – Chainsaw (Roadhog)
17PremiumWeapon Charm – Azmodan
18FreeSpray – Treat
19PremiumPlayer Icon – Nightraven (Illari)100 Credits
20PremiumAzmodan Wrecking Ball Legendary Skin
21PremiumHighlight Intro – At Ease (Ana)
22FreeVoice Line – What Evil Dooms (Orisa)100 Credits
23PremiumSpray – Nightraven (Illari)
24PremiumPlayer Icon – VIctorian Doll (Echo)
25FreeVictory Pose – Light Reading (Winston)100 Credits
26PremiumWeapon Charm – Onryo
27PremiumName Card – Circus: 76 (Soldier: 76)
28FreeVoice Line – The Only Ghosts (Zenyatta)
29PremiumSouvenir – Deathly Blossoms
30PremiumGhostbloom Lifeweaver Epic Skin
31FreeVictory Pose – Resolute (Illari)
32PremiumSpray – Ghostly Bride (Widowmaker)100 Credits
33FreeVoice Line – No Tricks (Cassidy)
34PremiumName Card – Death Blossom (Widowmaker)
35FreeSpray – Cute Bat100 Credits
36PremiumSouvenir – Onryo’s Pet
37FreePlayer Icon – Spike-O’-Lantern100 Credits
38PremiumVoice Line – What Lurks (Reaper)
39FreeHIghlight Intro – Patrol (Baptiste)
40PremiumVictorian Doll Echo Legendary Skin
41PremiumEmote: Tea Time (Echo)
42FreeSpray: Take This Hand (Widowmaker)100 Credits
43PremiumVictory Pose: Geometry (Symmetra)
44PremiumVoice Line: Pumpkin Spice (Torbjorn)
45FreeSouvenir: Treasure Goblin100 CreditsIllari Unlock
46PremiumName Card – Ghostly Vines (Lucio)
47PremiumSpray – Nightmare (Illari)
48FreePlayer Icon – Crimson Clown (Soldier: 76)
49PremiumVoice Line: Awoo (Pharah)
50PremiumCursed Warrior Doomfist Epic Skin
51PremiumEmote – Pardon me (Junkrat)
52FreeSpray – Get Clowned On (Soldier: 76)100 Credits
53PremiumPlayer Icon – Dollymari (Echo)
54PremiumVoice Line – Amygdala (Baptiste)
55FreeWeapon Charm: Ghostly Ring100 Credits
56PremiumPlayer Icon – Diesel Baron (Ramattra)
57FreeSpray – Grinning Candles
58PremiumName Card – Diesel Baron (Ramattra)100 Credits
59FreeVoice Line – Don’t Scream (Ashe)
60PremiumDiesel Baron Ramattra Legendary Skin
61PremiumHighlight Intro – Decay (Widomaker)
62FreeVoice Line – You Fear (Wrecking Ball)
63PremiumSpray – Onryo Rises (Hanzo)
64FreeName Card – Beast Rising100 Credits
65PremiumVictory Pose – After You (Cassidy)
66FreeVoice Line – Without Fear (Ramattra)
67PremiumVictory Pose – Proud (Mercy)100 Credits
68FreeSouvenir – Balloon Dog: 76
69PremiumSpray – Handmade Doll (Echo)100 Credits
70FreeCrimson Clown Soldier: 76 Epic Skin
71PremiumWeapon Charm – Onryo’s Pet
72PremiumPlayer Icon – Crimsonmari (Soldier: 76)
73FreeSpray – Wilting Life (Lifeweaver)100 Credits
74PremiumName Card – Onryo’s Pet (Hanzo)
75FreeSpray – Crimson Mirth (Soldier: 76)100 Credits
76PremiumVoice Line – Nightmares (Doomfist)
77FreeVictory Pose – Trick or Treat (Mei)
78PremiumWeapon Charm – Innocent Doll100 Credits
79FreeEmote – Up In Flames (Ashe)
80PremiumOnryo Hanzo Mythic SkinPlayer Icon – Onryo (Hanzo)Spray – Undying Breath (Hanzo)

Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass Duration

On October 10, Overwatch 2 Season 7: Rise of Darkness, which is now airing, and the current battle pass dropped simultaneously. Season 8 is scheduled to premiere on December 4th, so it will continue its wonderful reign for around two months.

The season’s end date can easily determined by players by visiting the battle pass page, even though no formal announcement has been made about it. A clear indication of when Overwatch 2 Season 7 will end gracefully and open the door to the next thrilling chapter is given by the number of days left until the pass expires.

Alluring skins, intriguing gear, and an abundance of rewards are what the Overwatch 2 Season 7 Battle Pass essentially offers. It also combines the worlds of Diablo IV with an amazing new event game style. Everyone may enjoy the Halloween activities because it appeals to both the discriminating collector and the frugal gamer.

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