Squad Free Fire: Things to remember when rushing as Free Fire squad

Rushing as a squad in Free Fire is believed to be one of the most chaotic moments in a match.

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Rushing as a squad in Free Fire is believed to be one of the most chaotic moments in a match. Teams battle against each other and only one of them emerges victorious. Skill and gear are very crucial in winning the rush. However, there are a few things people should keep in mind to improve their odds of winning a Free Fire match.

Healers should stay close to squad

Healing during a gunfight is very important to stay alive. A few HP points could decide a squad’s victory of defeat. This is why healers are very important in Free Fire. During a rush, users that have characters like Dimitre, DJ Alok, and even K, should remain close to the squad.

Most experienced players should be the captain

There are always skill gaps in Free Fire. In every match, some players will perform better than most of the lobby. This is also applicable for team matches. Some teammates might be great in combat, while some players need to be carried in-game. Hence, the most skilled player in the squad should lead during a rush.

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Focus fire to kill enemies faster

When a squad goes head to head with another team in Free Fire, most players target the first opponent they see. While this is a good technique, there are other ways as well. Instead of having 4 players shoot at 4 different targets, they should focus on a single target, this will guarantee elimination.

All active abilities need to be cooled down

While creating character combos, most users go for one active ability and three passive ones, which is a norm in Free Fire. Passive abilities offer bonuses during the matches, while active ones come in handy for combat. So, before rushing into a gunfight, the squad should make sure that their active abilities are ready.

Using grenades to displace enemies

During a rush, laying down suppressing fire might not be enough. To deal damage and create confusion, the squad should coordinate and throw grenades. Depending on the situation, the entire squad can throw normal grenades or tactical ones. It could prove rewarding for the squad.

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