How to increase kd ratio in Free Fire: Tips for beginners

The K/D ration of a player in Free Fire is very crucial.

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The K/D ration of a player in Free Fire is very crucial. A high number means that the player can hold their own in battles and has good skills. However, increasing K/D isn’t very easy. It can take hours of gameplay to take it higher. Fortunately, by following simple steps this process can become easy.

Eliminate opponents from long-range

Close-range fights in Free Fire can be risky at times. Given the skills of gamers and the power of shotguns can take players out in one shot. Fortunately, players can bypass this situation. They can choose long-range takedowns with the help of snipers. Using abilities such as Falcon Fervor and Sharp Shooter can make the job easier.

Kill more opponents in a match

Players should try to survive in a Free Fire match, although it is very difficult. Despite having the skill, there are times when a player’s luck runs out. However, this should not be a problem if they manage to secure eliminations. Players should aim to stay ahead in the number of kills.

Don’t camp for a long time

Though camping can be a good strategy, its practical usefulness in the game isn’t proven. To work, players need to hope that an opponent crosses their path and is easy to kill them. While players can secure kills this way, they might not get as many as they would like. If the players die, the K/D ratio might change negatively.

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Playing safe and smart is the key

Using brute force might not be the answer to increase the K/D ratio. Players should implement strategies in every decision to make the most out of a match in Free Fire. Additionally, players need to know when to attack and when to stay put.

Single out targets

When players try solo vs squad, they should single out targets. Rushing towards the opponent’s squad could end badly for players. This could be due to skill gaps, or sometimes, a tactical disadvantage. To avoid this situation, gunfire should be focused on one opponent at a time.

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