SIBOL's MLBB team will win IESF WEC 2022 Coach BON CHAN is confident about that

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang team SIBOL’s is one streak away from qualifying for the Finals of the 14th International Esports Federation World Championship 2022 (IESF 2022). This comes after the team, which consists of five core members of Blacklist International’s Season 10 team and two reserve players from amateur team MHRLK Esports, battled through the bottom bracket with Argentina and Malaysia for one place in the bottom bracket final. Amid tough competition, SIBOL MLBB Head Coach Kristofer “BON CHAN” Ricaplaza is confident in the team’s chances of winning a gold medal, especially after solving one of her biggest problems. Encountered in the first half of the tournament.

Coach SIBOL BON CHAN explains how they overcame the big hurdle in the first half of IESF

The three-time MPL champion said the team had to play a completely different match from the one they normally play. This led to problems as they faced Indonesia in the first round, where they ended up losing the best of three matches. He said: “The player’s machine skill is reduced by 40% because the equipment is really different.” The ones used in the tournaments are heavier while we usually use the lighter ones and the length, width and frame rate are also different.”

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“It’s like what happened to Stephen Curry (in the NBA),” he added. “There was a game where the height of the rim changed and that small change had a big impact, and he noticed it right away.” However, the problem was short-lived as they figured out how to borrow a mobile phone from the community after BON CHAN asked them for help in a Facebook post.

After coming back from a 2-0 win over Argentina and Malaysia to take the last place in the final group and take the bronze medal, BON CHAN posted again, this time thanking the fans for helping them buy the new devices. 

The winner between the Philippines and Cambodia in the lower bracket will face host Indonesia in the final. As for Coach BON CHAN, he prefers their chance this time around. “We were confident we would win because the data of never losing twice against the same team holds true to this day,” he said. Join BON CHAN and the rest of the SIBOL team as they face Cambodia in the bottom bracket final on December 10.

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