Overwatch 2: What to expect from next three hero supports

There have been multiple support heroes planned for Overwatch 2 after its launch. 

credit: Blizzard Entertainment

There have been multiple support heroes planned for Overwatch 2 after its launch. The developers have offered more details on what players can expect from the upcoming hero supports in terms of ability.

The game will only be launching with three new heroes: Sojourn, The Junker Queen, and an unknown character. While these heroes fall under damage, tank, and support categories respectively, there are several other supports the game will witness. As per Game Director Aaron Keller, 2 of the heroes will be supports and with the game’s seasonal model, they could be available in 2023. 

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Future Overwatch 2 support hero abilities teased

When Redditors asked about the developer team’s design philosophy for the upcoming support heroes, Noh said that giving players several options of playstyles is the first priority.

“In general the broad goal is to provide a wide range of playstyle options. There isn’t really a big shift in that regard towards being weighted more toward healing/damage/utility etc,” he said. “We do need to make sure they fit well into 5v5 and are able to have a significant impact on the outcome of a match but that can be achieved in a variety of ways depending on the individual hero kit.”

He added that while some are in a need of more mechanical skill, others could bring in good game sense and positioning while not focusing too much on the aiming aspect.

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