New Valorant Map Hints Revealed at VCT Masters Shanghai

They put a teaser in the announcement trailer that came out on April 30.

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By Naman Alok | May 1, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

There’s a cool new map coming to VALORANT soon and everyone’s talking about it. Riot Games hinted at it in their latest trailer and fans are super excited. Fans are guessing what the map will be like but if you are unsure, we have got all the info you need. From clues in the teaser to guesses about where it’ll be set, we are going over everything you should know about the upcoming map reveal at VCT Masters Shanghai.

New Valorant Map Teaser Unveiled

Riot Games left a clue in the Episode 8, Act Three poster. They put a teaser in the announcement trailer that came out on April 30. The teaser shows popular characters like Omen, Clove and Iso in a mysterious background. It hints that the new map will be revealed during VALORANT Masters Shanghai.


The VALORANT community is guessing a lot about the new map, looking closely at every part of the teaser poster. People are thinking about what the map might look like and how it will feel. Right now, there are ten maps in the game and each time a new episode comes out, there is something new. In Episode 8 Act 2, they introduced Clove as a new character but there wasn’t a new map which made players want more. But now the recent announcement suggests that might change.

Players are trying to figure out hints about the new map from different parts of the VALORANT game. They are looking back at past episodes, like a message between Clove and Brimstone in Patch 8.07, talking about a secret ‘Hourglass base’ hidden in a cave. The spooky background in the teaser poster makes people think the map might be underground, maybe in China. This could be because Riot Games wants to include different cultures in the game.

People are more excited for June 9, 2024, when they will finally show the new map during the VCT Masters Shanghai Showmatch. But even though everyone’s eager to see it and we still don’t know much about the map itself. But even without all the details, the idea of a new battleground is giving a lot of energy to the competitive VALORANT scene. It is something fresh for teams and players to explore and get good at.

Players are waiting for the big reveal of Episode 8 Act 3. The newest patch, 8.08, is getting everything ready, and it is making some important changes to the agents Viper and Cypher. This could shake up how the game is played and everyone’s curious to see how it will affect competition.

A new VALORANT map coming at VCT Masters Shanghai is a big deal. It is like a new exciting part of the game that brings together new ideas and competition.

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