Overview of DON'T TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO Season 2 Episode 1

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“Don’t Toy With Me, Miss Nagatoro” is a manga series written and illustrated by Nanashi. It follows the story of a high school student named Senpai, who is constantly being teased by his classmate, Nagatoro. However, as the story progresses, it becomes clear that Nagatoro’s teasing is a form of flirting, and the two begin to develop feelings for each other. The series has been adapted into an anime series produced by Telecom Animation Film, which premiered on April 10, 2021. It was directed by Hirokazu Hanai and written by Tatsuya Takahashi, with music composed by Kenichi Tsuchiya. The anime adaptation has been well received by audiences for its relatable characters and comedic moments. Overview of DON’T TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO Season 2 Episode 1

DONT TOY WITH ME MISS NAGATORO S02: EP 1: Senpai and I Are Already in Such a Relationship

Senpai purchased the first volume of the shoujo manga “Love Slave” after studying that there would be an anime adaptation of it. The story is about Ai Shiro, a shy and insecure high school student and secretary of the student council who was harshly bullied by the president, known as “The Glasses Sadist,” until he caught him cheating on a test and, in exchange for her silence on the matter, asked him to do everything she said, gradually starting to mess up to him. Senpai read it and thought there was a strange connection between the male protagonist and the female lead, kind of reminding him of Nagatoro, but he felt embarrassed for reading a shoujo manga (which is typically for girls) and decided to hide it before being found and bullied by Nagatoro, who came into the art club room at that exact moment bragging about the loafers she bought; noticing he was hiding a manga, she took it from his hands and, instead of insulting him, admitted. 

After Senpai remarked that what was in the manga was nothing in comparison to what “a certain someone” does to him, Nagatoro was offended and showed him some rows from the subsequent chapters demonstrating how terrifying and cruel Ai’s character became as the story progressed, in order to prove she was not as cruel as the fictional character. Ai let the male protagonist lick her loafer when he unintentionally spilled some water on it in one of the most recent online chapters, and Nagatoro joked about doing the same if he ever spilled water on hers. Senpai was astonished to witness this. 

However, as she fiddled around, water actually spilled on it. As a result, Senpai knelt down and cleaned it with a handkerchief as the girl blushed and got alarmed at the thought of him actually licking her foot.

Senpai later saw Nagatoro while walking to school from a distance, but was unable to greet her since he realised he had never gone up to her before since they had first met. He was about to quit up when the girl noticed him and accused him of stalking her, forcing him to explain that he had no idea how to approach her and introduce himself. Nagatoro made a sweetening offer to teach him how to approach people.

 Nagatoro, on the other hand, had a variety of greetings that included painful pats on the neck, tripping, pricking, and even kicking before she finally gave him a hug from behind. Senpai became quite uncomfortable when he felt Nagatoro’s breasts against his back and her breath on his neck. The girl licked her lips and warned him to do the same with her or else she would spread the word that she hugged him and caused him to get an erection around the school. 

Later, as they resumed their calm stroll, Senpai began to speculate what she would have said or done if he had attempted to hug her or caress her head, which distracted him to the point where he actually hugged her while touching her right breast. Blushing, Nagatoro slapped him hard and caused him to fall into the path of Gamo-chan and Yoshi, who had just emerged from the alley and had greeted each other as usual. This demonstrated that all of the welcomes Nagatoro had demonstrated were false.

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Gamo-chan and Yoshi immediately thought of Nagatoro’s suggestion to go to a family restaurant for an after-party for the Culture Festival and invite Senpai as well. Senpai and Nagatoro left the girls and entered the art club room. Nagatoro complained about how cramped it was, which caused the lad to acknowledge the aircom was broken. Nagatoro then proudly displayed the black tights she had recently purchased for the winter, shocking Senpai who remarked he hadn’t anticipated her to wear something like that since he believed that girls had a stronger resilience to the cold when they wore skirts for their uniforms. 

Although wearing skirts on a windy or snowy day required courage, Nagatoro bragged that occasionally women just wanted to be warm. Senpai, who was a little sorry that he couldn’t see Nagatoro’s bare legs any more, sighed and said, “It can’t be helped,” realising only later that he had said aloud, letting Nagatoro know how he felt about her legs. The girl so requested that he dress her in tights to show that he is not “obsessed with her bare legs.” 

Senpai started by kneeling and doing it, but Nagatoro asked him to do it smoothly so he began to imagine putting a radish into a plastic bag with a smooth motion in order to not blush too much. Doing this, despite the fact that the girl’s legs were smoother, softer, firmer, and suppler than a radish, he managed to ascend from Nagatoro’s foot to her calf all the way up to her thigh. Nagatoro asked Senpai how she looked after she had done putting on her tights, and when he gave her a complement, she enquired as to if he had a penchant for it.

Senpai initially believed the girls invited him only to use him as a slave to take the sushi from the conveyor for them, but he was surprised to learn he was wrong and that they actually intended to celebrate him and the success they had at the Cultural Festival. Later that afternoon, the two meet up with Gamo-chan, Yoshi, and Sakura at an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant for the after-party. 

Then Gamo-chan demonstrated her unique recipe by adding some salmon roe to a salmon oyako and serving it to Senpai, who complemented her, inspiring the other females to follow suit: Yoshi topped a hamburg nigiri with corn mayo, and Sakura topped a shrimp with uni, both of which received compliments. Nagatoro, who was envious, overdid it when she attempted to make her own special dish by combining half the milt from a shirako gunkan with the rao for a tarako gunkan to produce, in her words, “a miracle meeting between and milt that could get someone’s stomach pregnant.” The entire group was stunned by this, leading Yoshi to call it “disgusting.” 

Senpai decided to eat it and discovered it to be surprisingly “wonderful” while her companions chastised Nagatoro for toying with food in that manner. Senpai felt awful for Nagatoro.

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