Explanation of Vinland Saga Season 2 Episode 1

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Vinland Saga is a Japanese historical manga series written and illustrated by Makoto Yukimura. The anime adaptation of the series is produced by Wit Studio, the studio behind Attack on Titan and The Ancient Magus’ Bride, and directed by Shūhei Yabuta. The series premiered on July 8, 2019, and ran for 24 episodes. The anime covers the first arc of the manga, which focuses on the life of a Viking warrior named Thorfinn and his journey to avenge his father’s death. The series features an all-star voice cast, including Yûto Uemura as Thorfinn, Naoya Uchida as Askeladd, and Akio Ohtsuka as Thorkell. Vinland Saga has been highly praised for its historical accuracy and attention to detail, as well as its compelling characters and story.

Episode 1 of Vinland Saga S2: “Slave” 

When Einar swings his axe at a tree, his mother yells at him, warning that the tree may fall and destroy the home. His sister questions if he’s learning to cut wood, but Einar responds that he’s learning to fight. His mother summons him in for lunch after laughing at him and saying that he will be useless in combat. His mother questions why he is exercising as they eat, and Einar responds that he wants to defend this location. He wants to defend their rebuilt village after it was destroyed by fire. He is angry because he is constantly losing and that his father died trying to protect them. His mother assures him that all hope is not lost.

The village is soon invaded. In an attempt to escape to the woods, Einar, Lotta, and their mother are shot in the back by an arrow. Einar and Lotta remain by her side despite her requests for them to depart. Their mother instructs Einar to grab Lotta and flee in order to survive as men approach. She later breathes her last and passes away. Both Einar and Lotta are stunned and frozen. Arriving guys take Lotta with them. When Einer tries to stop them, he is thrown back. One of the men becomes enraged after Lotta stabs him in the back with a hairpin, and he kills her as a result. 

The other people are angry since he killed a beautiful girl, but they choose to kidnap Einar and exchange him for alcohol. As he is being taken, Einar struggles angrily but is helpless.

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Later, when on a boat with other slaves, Einar is located. A female slave cries nonstop. She is examined by the guys, who determine that she won’t make it, and they dump her overboard. When Einar confronts them and demands to know their motivations, the man punches him and checks his throat. The man informs everybody around him to stay warm and avoid getting cold since he is OK. Once on land, the slaves are fed and given a wash so they appear well-groomed and presentable upon being sold. 

Einar spots an opportunity to flee while being lined up for a sale and does so while the men are not looking. Since he is starving, he enters a house and snatches some food. However, as he flees the residence, one. When he gets to a house, he grabs some food since he’s starving, but as he flees, one of the slavers spots him. After beating him, he returns him to the other slaves. The man uses Einar as an example and warns the others that, even if they flee, nobody will be able to assist them because they are so far from home and are in need of assistance. They must locate a trustworthy master who will look after them.

Even if Einar runs away, there is nothing for him to go back to, so he accepts his fate. Leif is brought by the slavers one day while being lined up for sale and told that Einar is the man they are seeking for. Leif shouts at them as he turns to face him, saying he doesn’t resemble anything he described and is neither blond nor little. Leif says that he is not wanting to buy a labourer, but rather to liberate his relative Thorfinn. The slaver apologises and continues to try to sell Einar. Leif apologises to Einar and then departs because slavers aren’t familiar with him. Thorfinn is fortunate, in Einar’s opinion, to have someone looking for him. 

Ketil arrives shortly after and examines Einar. He requests his name, hometown, and previous employment information. According to Einar, he used to be a farmer in Northern England. Ketil requests Einar’s assistance with his farm because he liked what he had heard. Later, Ketil purchases Einar and takes him to his farm.

Ketil gives Einar a tour of his property and tells him he will see the others at supper because they are currently at work. Einar is reminded of his home and family when he sees the farm. He is aware that he will never be free again and considers whether his mother was correct in believing that he hasn’t yet lost everything. Einar begins to believe that he won’t go hungry if he is submissive and serves a nice master. To meet Thorfinn, who is sawing wood, Ketil takes Einar.

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