League of Legends champions who didn't make it to final stage

As an almost customary thing, Riot, the developers of the game add a new champion to the game with each patch update.

Leagur of Legends champions who didn't make it to the game. (Credits: LoL)

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most evolving games that we have right now. The developers are constantly adding champions to the game to make it more interesting. The champions in LoL have a lot of artistic ability and long with that, they have powers that could make them one of the best in the game. Having said that, the developers are often looking for ways to make the game more artistic and the champions more vibrant. In the course of designing, many times there are champions that don’t make it to the final cut.

As an almost customary thing, Riot, the developers of the game add a new champion to the game with each patch update. However, there are a few that get left out.


Gavid the Plant King was one of the canceled champion. According to Riot Games when Gavid didn’t make it to the champions cut, Gavid didn’t fit into the artistic theme that League of Legends had looked to achieve, leading to him being scrapped. His abilities were all plant-themed and it does seem like he served as one of the champions that had inspired the champion Zyra.


Omen was a quadruped champion, isn’t often seen in the League of Legends in general. Riot Games didn’t really know what direction to take with Omen and was confused in making him a melee or ranged character, which eventually led to him being scrapped due to lack of (artistic) direction. Later on, Rek’Sai would be released who, according to system designer ZenonTheStoic, had taken inspiration from Omen.


Another champion to get scrapped, but who inspire other champions, is Priscilla the Spider Queen. She used to be in the game files for years, but never made it to the game itself. Later one she was reworked as a result of a poll and became Elise. It’s also speculated she was the inspiration for Urgot down the line.

League of Legends patch notes

The League of Legends Patch 11.18 early notes are out now and include updates, buffs, and nerfs on champs, systems, and Grievous Wounds as the final change for Worlds 2021.

While this update follows the two-week routine update to address in-game bugs , this patch is significant since Riot looking to buff the lesser-picked champs to encourage teams to have a wide variety of picks.

With the result, Riot is looking to buff Gangplank, an effective bully on the top lane to push his power towards the end of the game in League of Legends Patch 11.18. Seemingly, the developers are trading off a powerful Parlay harass for a strong late-game performance.

Gangplank will now get his five-barrel chains back plus a bonus on his E to compensate for power and speed buffs. The champion, who has a win rate of about 49%, can deal plenty of damage with his barrel chains demolishing an entire team. These changes should make him an ideal late-game threat and one of the most menacing champions. With these changes, teams will have to think twice before entering the Saltwater Scourge.

Three AD assassins, Talon, Zed, and Qiyana are also likely to recieve buffs for their abilities. This buff will make the assassins lethal threats in the jungles. Trundle is receiving a nerf on his Pillar of Ice power to get a hold his power of locking up targets completely.

League of Legends System Updates

Besides the buffs on champions, Season 11 could witness many changes made to the Grievous Wounds. In Patch 11.18, Riot will balance Grievous Wounds make it more healer friendly with the likes of Dr. Mundo and Soraka, who can now remove the debuff. Since many champs invest heavily in healing, it makes sense to buff these two who heavily rely on healing.

Players will see system changes as well in the forthcoming update. The Predator rune will be buffed as it is underutilized. Similarly, Umbral Glaive is receiving a buff, as it’s unpopular among players, unlike Serpent’s Fang and Youmuu’s Ghostblade.

The buffs from this patch on popular champs will have a significant effect on Worlds 2021, as teams now have an array of picks when it comes to champs and items. It’s also important to know that these changes are tentative and may differ slightly from what’s on the actual patch.

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