How to tame dolphins in Minecraft: Simple steps to do it

Dolphins are one of the neutral mobs in the game.

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Dolphins are one of the neutral mobs in the game. Considering that Minecraft players can tame chickens and foxes, many might assume that they can also tame dolphins. But is it possible to do so? We have listed down ways to tame a dolphin in Minecraft.

How do dolphins spawn in Minecraft?

Dolphins are believed to be one of the most favorite animals in the game. They usually spawn in groups of five and 10 percent of them are baby dolphins. They will also generate in non-frozen ocean biomes. There isn’t any limit to how many dolphins will spawn.

Also, when a dolphin is finished off, it will drop 1-3 XP and 0-1 raw cod. They are more useful when alive. They do not require any unique drop while the tracking and buff they provide are much better than a raw fish. It’s important to note that players cannot breed dolphins in the game.

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Dolphin behavior

Players shouldn’t try to attack a dolphin as that won’t hesitate to hurt back. Besides, dolphins will follow the players and give them a speed boost if they are sprinting in the water within their radius. They can also jump above the water surface and jump into different water bodies.

How to tame a Dolphin?

While the thought of taming a dolphin sounds exciting, players will be sad to know that dolphins can’t be tamed in Minecraft. Players can’t ride them either. While players can feed them raw cod, they cannot tame them. It’s tough to do so because a dolphin will return to the ocean in the end and it can jump over many blocks to disappear in the water.

Players can feed it and receive something good from them in return. It would lead the players to some hidden treasures in close ruins or shipwrecks underwater. That’s the reason that makes dolphins among the best aquatic mobs in the game even after the 1.17 update.

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