Minecraft guide to the nether and the end: Tips to beat “The End”

The End in Minecraft means the end of the game. Once a player beats it, the credits start playing.

credit: Mojang

The End in Minecraft means the end of the game. Players can continue playing the game by entering the same way, but The End is the final part. Once a player beats it, the credits start playing, but reaching the end is difficult, but defeating it is much harder.

In the End, players are surrounded by danger. The Ender Dragon is one of the most difficult mobs in Minecraft. Besides, there are Endermen everywhere, and the Void is a very dangerous place in the game. Here’s how to beat it in the latest update.

Ender pearls

Players are required to obtain Ender pearls to make “Eyes of Ender” that is needed to open the End portal. They should also have a lot of extras with them. When falling with the slow-falling potion active, these pearls can take players from the Void back onto land. It can also get players to other landmasses faster and safer.

Take random blocks

Random blocks can also be put to great use such as navigating in other dimensions. They come in handy during End Cities exploration. It can be difficult to tell where to go so placing a block correctly makes a path to return.

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Potions of slowfalling

These potions are very important in the game. With these, the game doesn’t end if the players are knocked off of a structure by the Ender Dragon or falling into the Void. Players won’t take fall damage using this potion and reposition to land instead of falling through the Void.

Bows and crossbows are helpful

Killing a dragon with a sword can take a lot of time. Having bows and crossbows makes it possible to damage it when it’s moving across the map from a safe distance. This can cut the time required to defeat it by a great margin.

Don’t look at the Endermen

Looking at the Endermen can make it a lot more dangerous. They’re present everywhere, so it’s difficult not to look into their eyes, but having many Endermen chasing players could cause death in the game.

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