Street Fighter 5 Mod: Introduces Iconic Street Fighter 3 Fighter Dudley and More

A sneak peek of Dudley's fighting abilities compared to well-known characters like Ed and Balrog gives viewers an idea of his fighting prowess.

Credits- r/StreetFighter on Reddit
By Naman Alok | Apr 21, 2024 | 2 Min Read follow icon Follow Us

Gamers prefer to modify games using mods to make them more enjoyable, in Street Fighter 5 a new version allows players to take on the role of Dudley a cool character from Street Fighter 3. Although not everyone is a fan of Street Fighter 5 some still do, a modder created this to add Dudley to the game. A video of Dudley fighting in the game was shown and this mod has made a lot of people happy. 

This article discusses the mod and the opinions made about it with a view that Dudley will appear in the upcoming Street Fighter game.

Street Fighter 5 Mod Reveals Dudley 

A sneak peek of Dudley’s fighting abilities compared to well-known characters like Ed and Balrog gives viewers an idea of his fighting prowess. The mod gives Dudley a sense of a famous British fighter respected for his brave style of fighting by utilising speech samples from Street Fighter 4. 

As the mod’s release date comes near fans are getting more and more excited about the chance to play the gentlemanly boxer in late April or early May. The Street Fighter community has responded positively to the release of the Dudley mod thanking Ryuski and killbox101 for their hard work. 

The fact that so many fans wanted Dudley to appear as a DLC character in Street Fighter 6 highlights how important this mod is in reviving interest in the classic fighter. Fans are excited for the mod’s release because they want to be able to play Street Fighter 5’s Dudley and feel personality and skill.

A Closer Look at Street Fighter 3 Dudley’s Legacy

After receiving a mixed response at launch, Street Fighter 3 eventually won over the fighting game world thanks to its distinctive lineup. Stepping away from the well-known Ryu and Ken Street Fighter 3 presented a new cast of warriors one of whom was Dudley. 

Even though several characters strayed from the standard formula such as the mysterious Q and the quirky Necro Dudley became a favourite new character among fans because of his smart British style. When Dudley returned for roles in Street Fighter 5 and 6 fans ended up wishing he had been in Super Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter X Tekken. 

But now fans have reason to celebrate as a new mod by Ryuski and killbox101 has successfully incorporated Dudley into Street Fighter 5. Recent footage released by Ryuski showed off Dudley’s move set which was modified from Street Fighter 4, notable moves like Duck and Cross Counter helped him become more of an aggressive force.

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