How to remove Roblox textures: Step by step guide for players

Roblox comes with a lot of blocks, cylinders, wedges, and spheres.

credit: Roblox

Roblox is an online gaming platform that has a lot of games. It comes with a lot of blocks, cylinders, wedges, and spheres. Players can use textures or decals to apply images to a chosen surface. A texture repeats both vertically and horizontally across the whole surface. The textures can be modified as per the size f each “tile.”

In this article, we will tell you how to remove Roblox textures:

  • Go to Roblox player and to open the file location by right-clicking
  • Now go to the PlatformContent and then click on PC.
  • Look for textures folder. Delete all the content of that folder except “”, “”, “”.

That’s all players have to do for deleting the textures in Roblox. The game will look dull without the textures but the gameplay will show no signs of lag or stutter. Players who own low gaming devices can delete the textures to enjoy the best gaming experience.

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Besides, Roblox has a feature called the player list that shows the number of players currently inside the server. While some games show players the names of other players in alphabetical order, others come with a leaderboard.

Players can use this list feature to add new friends on the platform, block other users, or report individuals for violations. Additionally, players can also examine a player’s avatar and check its accessories, clothes, and other cosmetics. Here’s how to hide the players list.

  • Visit Roblox
  • Proceed to sign-in with your account
  • Look for a game you want to play
  • Click the Play button to start the Roblox Player

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