How to play Free Fire for beginners: Best ways to use grenades in Free Fire

Gerena Free Fire isn’t just about guns, as players are required to make use of several accessories to win a match.

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Gerena Free Fire isn’t just about guns, as players are required to make use of several accessories to win a match. A perfect blend of weapons, tactics, and skills is very important to excel in the game, Players can improve their capabilities and skills by training.

Moreover, players should be good at equipping weapons and formulating tactics. Grenades in the game are very important. Players can employ gloo walls to defend, flashbang, smoke to deceive enemies, and frag grenades to cause damage. Beginners should know the application for each grenade and here are the best ways to use them.

How to use grenades in Free Fire

Finish knocked out foes

Sometimes it’s easy to knock enemies out but confirming the kill could be difficult as the cover is present. Players can make use of frag grenades to confirm their enemies are killed in the game.

Helpful in times of rush

Whether the players use a smoke grenade or an explosive, each one comes in handy before players rush on the opponents. A fragile grenade can cause damage, while a gloo wall or smoke will help pull off a sneak attack. The timing of the throw also matters a lot.

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Helpful in escaping

There are times during a match when enemies surround players. So, using grenades that can cause distraction is crucial. Smoke and decoy are the best alternatives in such cases. The direction of the throw and the timing is very crucial.

Crucial in endzone fights

Endzone fights are the toughest to win because of several factors such as uncertainty of the enemies’ movement, different terrain, and the last zone timer. So, in such cases, players can use grenades to judge the enemy’s movement.

Unsettling enemies

If players feel trapped with no chance to make an escape, they should use grenades multiple times. This strategy could help them unsettle the opponents and give them a better position in a Free Fire match.

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